Senran Kagura Discussion

(Idk if this counts as a fighting game but It does have a versus mode and you can fight against people online with different characters so I guess it counts right? And you can have 2-4 character matches so it isn’t just a beat em up.If not please move this to the general thread. Thanks :slight_smile: )

This game is an all girl which is a mix of 3 genres, action/beat em up/fighting game. It has a total of 22 playable characters in the series and they are two types of games for this series.

One Called Senran Kagura Burst which is just a beat em up came out in the overseas for the 3DS not to long ago

Another is called Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus that is a mix of a beat em up and fighting game that is rumored to come overseas for the PS Vita soon

Here is some 1 on 1 gameplay of the game (skip past the commentary at 2:44)

Even though it is a fanservicy game (not that I dissaprove), I am really interested In the series (mainly Shinovi Versus), the game is fun and has many interesting characters with interesting fighting styles.

I think it may count

Anyway, I never played Senran Kagura but I’ve heard and seen some videos. Also heard the game is good

Burst doesn’t really interest me tbh but I’ll still get it and I’ll probably like it, but Shinovi Versus looks like alot of fun. I hope it is true that the game will come to the US/EU. My favorite characters is Asuka and Homura

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Some who fears tits.

I haven’t gotten around to getting Burst on the 3DS. It looks like a fun beat em up. It would be nice if Marvelous brought over Shinobi Vs

weired i was ware of this serie sbut ignore it when found out it had no versus mode. if this si true than I finally haveanother reason to get 3ds other than the late Code of princess.

I wouldn’t count.

The same way i don’t count the Dynasty Warriors and the Sengoku Basara games with versus mode

1-on-1 online, interesting. Not sure if it suddenly counts as a “fighting game” because of it.

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I would like a Senran Kagura Fighting game. kaythnxbye.

I got a copy of Shinovi Versus while I was at Anime Weekend Atlanta, I enjoy every minute of it. Only wished I could use my Online Pass code so I can play people but my Vita is tied to my US account. ( ~ _~)

Make that 2

I can’t believe Shinovi Versus may come to the west, that’s great news!! I just hope it comes out here before the next Senran Kagura games come out in Japan.

I am interested in playing all the characters all, especially Murakumo and Shiki, also really want to play Minori as well :slight_smile:

I can’t wait for Shinovi Versus to (hopefully) come to the US!!!

Xseed announced that Burst sold well enough to consider localizing other games in the series

Wow this is great news, guess Shinovi Versus isn’t the only game from Senran Kagura that we could look forward to after all :smiley:

I hope they announce Shinovi Versus soon…I was surprised by how fast they announced a release date for Akiba’s Trip 2(another game im looking forward to), and I’m kinda expecting them to release Shinovi Versus around the 3rd Quarter…right around when Japan gets SK2.

That’s great, hope we get a Shinovi Versus game real not to long from now, summer would be the best time for me :slight_smile: .

An announcement may come soon

I hope Shinovi Verses comes out over here, when I finally get around to getting my 3ds burst will be one of the first games I cop. I actually started watching the short anime they have for the series, to get familiarized with everything.

Watching the anime is how I got into the series. It was dumb fun

I agree. I put it on hold, I’m only 2 eps in. But I think Ikaruga, and Katsu are dope as hell. That show is silly as fuck lo

Suzune is the best though.