Senko no Ronde 2 aka DUO - there's actual info now!

So wayyyy back when a Senko no Ronde 2 was announced, back in 2007. After months of absolutely nothing on the game, there’s now screenshots and videos of the game in action, mostly from the Jamma festival eariler this year. Things that this game has over SnR 1 are:

-New board, the Taito Type X-2, an upgrade from the original’s Naomi.
-Completely changed HUD during battles.
-Noticible graphical upgrade.
-A partner system which is supposed to augument your character’s stats as well as give new attacks.
-A charge gauge, which is supposed to be linked to the partner system and the BOSS system.

The official title is Senko no Ronde: Dis-United Order. Since it’s Type X-2, it’ll probably see a PS3/360 release eventually. Import get?

Destructiod blog entry featuring videos and screenshots. (sorry about the huge panty shot at the top of the page)
Official site.
TNL blog entry with links to higher-quality videos.

I’m excited.

Senko no Ronde is awesome (and, to be honest, this info is somewhat old) but i dont know if i can call it a “fighting game”, is more like a VS Shooting game.

It’s old? Sure was kept quiet then. I don’t remember hearing a peep more about this game until yesterday lol.

Does anyone know if there’s a concrete release date announced?

Well, i have a personal videogame blog, Gamercafe (in Spanish) and i comment in September that G.rev confirms the Type-X2 platform, official website and Tag Battle mode, so yeah.

But anyway, im also excited for the game… i dont have too much hope for a US release (WarTech was somewhat poorly localized and sells very bad) but who knows.

My favorite game ever. Hooray.

Yeah the info you posted is rather old. The TNL post (which I helped with) is from back in September. Not much has shown up since then besides the 1st location test that was held in late November. Someone uploaded some youtube vids here:


Kobayan also has some scans from I’m assuming Arcadia if you scroll down a bit.

Haha, damn, this is a little embarassing. I honestly had no idea any of this info existed until yesterday, lol.

So part 1 came out in the states?

Yes. Senko no Ronde: Rev. X came out for the 360. It’s called Wartech: Senko no Ronde over here. Only $7 used at Gamestop. :slight_smile:

oh wow, i remember looking at that cover and thinking Man that game look horrid. Never Judge a book by its cover i guess:rofl:

yeah I tried to get people into this game but the graphics makes the game seem horrid, eventhough it is a good game

it’s cool how the only 3 returning characters to the sequel are actually the only 3 characters I play as :rofl:

Changpo is all I need. :lovin:

theres a lot of interesting techniques in the game, like kara- dash canceling. which give an edge while playing. most of the arcades i’ve seen in japan dont have this game anymore, but those that still do have lots of high level competiton still…

i made this one video for Senko1 on the 360 for one of them, but i never uploaded any of the others cuz i never finished them. [media=youtube]DjukbMmPOBc[/media]

Thanks for the info. I almost made it to Hi-Rounder online. I have little faith in this title coming to the states, but hopefully, they make PS3 version this time, so I could import the damn thing.

this would probably sell if the company did this crazy little thing we call “advertising”. Even if it does come here, there won’t be a single commercial, and probably no print ads…then they’ll wonder why it bombed.

I just bought Senko no Ronde: Wartech for the 360 sealed for $13, can’t wait!

We need to get some games in. I’m real tired of playing random Japanese players anyway. And anybody else who wants to get some games in let me know.

I’ve been looking for comp for ever. Get at me.

I’m up for it too, although I’m pretty bad at it.