Selpex and ded_ - Insane N64 MKT Combo Vid

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Presented by Selpex and ded_. This is the most insane N64 MKT combo video ever done. It lays waste to all the “generic” crazy combos and goes right for the meat and potatoes. Truly astounding.

That was one of the best vids I have seen in a long ass time. This actually impressed me. Good shit you guys.

now I see where Tekken 5 got is combo system from

I noticed that a little playing mk3 on snes, The juggle system is a little more broken then tekken though.

This is downloading fast… Damn that game’s broken. That Rain combo and every other one like it where awsome. Also I quite liked the final Striker one too.


This vid is NUTS!! Help me Jesus…:confused:!!

my head almost exploded when I saw the Sindel combo.

I haven’t played a MK game since the Genesis days, but i still love watching your vids. There isnt a single other entity in the fighting game community that releases as many quality combo videos as you guys. And for a series that is so old (UMK3 is 11 years old!) Major props to you guys. Keep up the good work.

Rain is in UMK3 right? Is he not tourney legal?

Thanks so much for the kind words, I have related your input to ded_ as he cannot sign up to this site for some reason, his emails get denied.

We strive to provide interesting content, even though almost none of it is practical. So many people have tried to duplicate what we do, I’m always glad to work with people on videos, even if all I did was inspire and host! :arazz:

Rain is in UMK3 on Genesis and SNES, and MKT. He is a very, very broken character. ST Akuma level. Noob Saibot is beyond that. They are bannable characters, and this hurts MKT’s credibility. It would have been neat if they could have toned them down just a bit and strengthened other characters, however the gameplay wasn’t read into enough yet for this to happen.

Understatement there Shock :slight_smile:

And if any of you guys are interested in really high level MK play… check out

That said, sometimes I feel like those characters (and the other ‘boss type’ characters when you talk about Trilogy on the PSX) shouldnt be banned from tournamenst (but then yeah, those guys will advance on some bs just because the characters are overpowered – maybe in tourneys where those players are legal, it should be like a best of three or five before advancing??).

The people I played against locally (like my boy Harry and HumanSmokeReborn187) who would use those guys are some cheapers anyway and there is a great sense of accomplishment when you smoke someone like that. The players I know that are serious generally dont even go near those guys because it kinda takes ‘the art’ out of playing. If your kid is playing the game, then they will probably select Noob or Rain or whoever just for the easy factor but battling at a high level with Human Smoke versus Cyrax (or just any of ‘normal’ characters) is :smokin:

YES, finally i can post, thanks for the feed on my vid, hopefully a second vol will be on its way