Selling some ps2 games, canada, and buying/trading some

hey guys
selling these games:
the getaway
socom 3
tony hawk underground 2 (greatest hits)
gt4 (greatest hits)

all of these are really good condition
obviously original cd’s
all have the original manuals as well, original boxes/box art.

anyway post if u want/need anything.
im guessing nothing will be more then** 10 bucks.

also: im in toronto, ontario, canada…so shipping is favourable near here.
send me a pm if youre interested.
in addition im looking for the following: (IE I want these)
twisted metal black
final fantasy 12
baldurs gate: dark alliance (the first one
champions of norrath

I got ff12 collectors if you interested

from toronto as well, and 30 bucks sound good to you? rarely played it. still have the metal case and works pretty good from what I remember. Played it maybe twice.

champions of norrath is co-op

eleven, pm me
i’ll most likely take it off you. i just need more details. thanks.

bought ff12 and zoe2
much love to eleven for the hookup, theyre both in sex condition

im pretty much set for now…i got so much shit to finish.