SELLING: Seimitsu joystick LS-32, Sanwa buttons

Hello all!
I’m selling a few joystick mods because I have quite too many… went a bit too mod-happy and bought too much over the course of time.

I can ship via USPS Priority Mail but I PREFER meet up. I live in the Riverside California area but go to school in Menifee California so if you are near those areas please meet up if you are interested. I really prefer meet up over shipping, but if it must be shipped then you will have to pay for shipping :wink:

also selling my Hori Pro 3-SA fight stick.

Seimitsu squaregate joystick LS-32-01 ($18)
I have ONE LS-32-01

  • (1) LS-32-01 and PCB wire, NO ball top

Sanwa buttons($2 each)

I currently have:

  • (2) black buttons
  • (2) black buttons with dark hai plungers
  • (3) white buttons

(I am no longer selling the dustwashers in the picture)

any questions just ask!!! <3 :slight_smile:

How much for the blacks and dark hai’s shipped to 92071 Santee, CA?

$4.95 via USPS Priority Mail.

How much for the LS-32 shipped to Santa Clara, Ca 95054?

Will try to paypal after work today, thanks. So that’s 12.95 total?

if it falls through with the dark hai’s let me know.

did you get that thing I sent you?

$4.90 via USPS Priority Mail.

yes, $12.95. Thanks!

yeah, I sent you a message. Are you not receiving my messages?
If not, I said that since it’s via carrier envelope mail I can’t really estimate the delivery date, but I sent out the envelope the morning after I received your payment. So I’d say Oct 11th was when I sent it out. Check your mail for the next few days, if it doesn’t come anytime soon let me know and I’ll figure something out.

Most definitely, thanks!