Selling Madcatz TE-S w/ EVO 2011 panel, TE-S Kitty mod. Price Lowered to $160

Hey Everyone,

I’ve decided that I wanna get a different arcade stick, but can’t justify keeping this one around if I’m not going to use it. So like the title says, it’s got the EVO 2011 art and plexi, the Toodles TE-S Kitty board installed, and a silver Neutrik NE8FDP installed. It also comes with the cable, so it can be used with the Xbox 360 and PS3. I’ve attached a NE8MC boot, so the connect stays solid between the stick and system. In the past, without the boot, a jiggle with the cable would disconnect the stick. I don’t have the original TE-S box, but I’ll be shipping it in a TE box, so it stays safe in transit.

Stick was used pretty sparingly. So it’s still in really really great shape.

I’m asking for $160 shipped in the lower 48 states.


bump for a great seller.

Lowered the price. Hit me up if you’re interested.

Price reduced again.

This sounds like a deal. Good luck with the sale!

Bumping. I’ll be at SoCal Regionals as well. If you get back at me soon, I’ll be willing to take this stick with me to do an exchange. Willing to cut shipping costs for in person exchange.

Hahah! You are named after an obstacle on GUTS! hahahah. That’s awesome, man. Have fun at SCR.

Anyone interested and going to SCR, hit me up soon. In about an hour, I’m going to take off, with or without it. Depends if I get an offer.

I think this is the last time I lower the price. It’s still in great condition. The top panel and art were sold in limited quantities at EVO 2011. It’ll work on PS3 and Xbox 360. With addition cables it’ll run on older systems as well.

I think $160 is a really good price. I’m not really up for lowering any further.

oh man, can’t believe nobody is buying this beauty. I can’t justify buying more sticks since i already have too many. good luck and I think it is worth $160 and a buyer will pick it up soon.

So tempting but I just put a kitty into my Chun stick

Im interested. PMed.

PM’ing , just in case LiquidIce doesnt go through.



payment sent

Was the TE sold yet?

I’ve made payment, and he said he’d work on shipping, havent heard from him for a day or two though, prob xmas stuff