Selling fully modded ps3 fightstick- 35$

Selling a fully modded ps3 street fighter fightstick for 35$ (the small white one)

the stock parts have been removed and replaced with full sanwa parts (even the stick), so other than its size, its just like a TE stick

has been used for a while but i’ve taken very good care of it and the buttons and stick are still very good.

there is one SLIGHT problem: every now and then the quick disconnect connecting to the stick comes loose. you just need to unscrew the bottom panel and plug it back in no biggie. thats also why im selling it for so damn cheap (the parts alone took 25$).
other than that the stick has NO problems. the disconnect came loose TWICE in the year i’ve had it, took like 10 seconds to unscrew and replug it.

i’m selling the stick cuz I need to quit games and focus on school ><

i live in orange county california. i only do transactions in person in cash.


Yo! I am interested, can you post pics? Sending pm