Selling arcade parts and cheap 360 games!

Alright, everything is sold here, but I’m going to post all the tracking numbers. I prefer to wait until everyone gets their stuff before I want the thread closed.

Red Sanwa Buttons + balltop:
The-priester: 9102 1501 3471 1641 6419 48

AL the great: 0308 2690 000 6728 1268

Left 4 Dead:
Kyle: 0308 2690 0000 6728 1251

Resident Evil 5:
Fusulu: 0308 2690 000 6726 7262

Madcatz TE Fightstick for Xbox 360:
Elementalor: 420 11234 9122 1501 3471 1644 8489 35

Does that work with the SE Stick for those parts? Do you ship to Canada? If so I might be interested!


I modded a Hori EX2, and if I’m not mistaken, these sticks have little tabs that jut out. What I did was file down the little tabs (took a few seconds) and I was able to put screw-ins.

As for shipping to Canada, sure, but I think we both know it’ll cost a little more to ship. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh, and the balltop should go on just fine without any hassle.

This is screw-ins right? Just making sure cuz OBSF-30 is snap in and screw in is OBSN-30

Yea, they’re screw-ins, my bad, I just changed it. Thanks. :smiley:

let me know if you can do 20 shipped for cod4. it’s fine if it’s a no, if yes pm me and i can pay you via paypal. thanks :slight_smile:

Al the great:

The price of the game is low, that’s a deal in itself! :smiley: How does $22 shipped sound, to cover shipping properly?

gimme buttons and ball top lol i can pay asap


Refrexion and airfrancisco have inquired about the parts, in that order. So, should anything happen, you’re third. :smiley:

i’ll take the 6x Red Sanwa OBSN-30 Screw-ins with red Sanwa balltop. for $15 shipped. just want the buttons though. sigh. holla bac if the deals legit. =)


Like I said, I really wanna let them go with the balltop also. Sorry, man. :sweat:

Interested in the Sanwa screw-ins and Balltop if available.
Let me know.
Sorry about the PM. I hit send then realized it after.

yeah i said i’ll take both of them. with the balltop too for 15. i’ll pay right now if you’re down.


I’m sorry, that’s too low, I’m pretty much giving the balltop for free at $18. Sorry! ^_^;

I’ll take Left for Dead if no one else has claimed it. Send me a PM if you can. :smile:

yea 22 sounds good. please pm me with your paypal. thanks again mrgay/meaty cock lol

Going to bed guys, but feel free to PM me now or post a request! You guys here are great, didn’t expect this much volume for this stuff. :smiley:

Bump-a-roo. =) Check first post, edits!

If it’s a PS3 TE stick, I’m all over ittttttt



360 stick, sorry buddy!