Selling a bunch of my gaming stuff for cheap

Bye bye norcal :karate:

I would like some of DC stuff specifiably OG MVC2. Does it have the case? plus The ps2 to DC converter.

Good luck on your sale. Might want to hit up the trading outlet of you haven’t already.

o_0?! Where you off to, man?! I still have to RUN IT BAAAACK!!! Ft10 the next time I see you!

Lol anyway I’m interested in the Gamecube bundle actually as well as that wooden PS2 stick.

I want the asus monitor!!!

Haha, I’m leaving for New York. We’ll run it back sometime before I go. Bad news about the Gamecube battery, I’ve been charging that shit for the last 4 hours and it looks like the battery pack just doesn’t work anymore. Let me know if you still want all the other stuff.

if it was tyram who bought the asus monitor, you should sell it to me instead of him, i need it more. just saying.

does the fat PS2 work with HDloader?

Yeah Ram called the Monitor.

Fat PS2 already has some form of HD loader on it. You can put new games on it with PS2 hdd tools and some way to hookup the drive to your PC (eg, ide external enclosure).

I am interested in both the Dreamcast and the inPin, but I can only buy one! I can’t decide! If you are going to Tan Army this Saturday, we can get it sorted out.

Im interested in the dual mod stick if it’s still available. I need a stick =(

I want stuff.

I’m interested in the DC, the InPin, the wooden American stick and maybe the PS2.

interested in the PS2 :]
will text.

Yo guys I’m going to Rams this Friday and then to Sac on Saturday. If you can, meet me there!

bring monitor to rams, i’ll bring moneys D:

Yo, I actually won’t be making it to Ram’s this Friday but since I promised so many people some stuff I can drop some stuff off then jet.

Ram, what’s the earliest I can stop by your pad?

Also, if 9PM is earliest, Raikanami, Haikuwar, and Tone (and anyone else that was planning to meet me there…), can we meet earlier somewhere else?

Thanks, sorry for the trouble.

but… who am I going to play Breakers with?!

I’m in fairfield pretty much anytime after 6, if Ram isnt available, PM me your number and we’ll work something out.

Yo. I lost my phone on top of a mountain, so just plan to meet at Rams at the normally scheduled times! I’ll be bringing everything I got for sale, so bring those dollas.

Jack, I’ll be at Starbase next Wednesday. I’m still interested in the Gamecube stuff.

Cool, I’ll try to get the stuff out there if possible.