Selling 1 Happ comp (legit) 6 happ comp/6 sanwa 30ob buttons

**1 happ competition stick (official one white box thing on it) 10$

6 buttons happ comp official small buttons 15$

2 happ butt plugs** 5$

6 sanwa 30obwatevathafuk 18$

i accept paypal

came off a sfac stick…i got my hrap 3 and aint no goin back. i need semitsu buttons (6) and a ls32

These are all SHIPPED prices

how much for just the butt plugs?

pm sent


dibs if draculid can’t pay

2 butt plugs?

Um… ook. Someone’s been up to some kinky stuff.

lollin over here

up bump


im interested in anal beads if you have any

Try asking here, you might have better luck! :bgrin: :bgrin: :bgrin:


I only have P360 anal beads…optical sensors make sure its no pain around the anus

updated pricing to rape the competition…anally


up for new day


new day

up for this just cause

up up up

Up up up