Seimitsu PS-14-KNs/Sanwa OBSF-30's Mix n' Match

So I put PS-14-KNs in my TE for cosmetic reasons; however, I definitely miss the sensitivity of the Sanwa OBSF-30s. I was thinking of just using the plungers of the Seimitsu’s and the outer parts/switches of the OBSF-30’s. Is this the best of both worlds? Can I keep the cosmetic look of the clear plungers and have the more sensitive feel of the sanwas?

Figured I’d get some insight before getting to work on these.


Will not work.

Sanwa OBSF-30 Body, Sanwa OBSF-30 Plunger, Seimitsu PS-14-KN Plunger.

See the problem?

I wonder if its the build of the button or the switch that really makes the Sanwa so much more loose and sensitive. Maybe if you just change the switch you can get a good hybrid of both buttons.

I like the OBSF-30 more than my new PS-14-KN also but they sure are not as pretty :smiley:

I actually have two kinds of the PS-14-KN 6x Clear and 2x Pink and the pink ones seem to depress to them not as “gritty” as the clear ones, so that leads me to think even in the same button make/model that they can very a bit depending on how well they were made.

Thanks for the info! I might look into just using the switches, if not I’ll probably just go back to the sanwas.

Why is this even a question? It’s the switch that makes button presses smooth on an OBSF-30, not the plunger.

Can’t; see jdm714’s post above.

What do you mean by “gritty”? Just curious.

Right, and there is more than just the Slot being different.
The size of the Microswitch is different too.

Sanwa SW-68 cannot go fit the square hole of the PS-14-KN Body.
The SW-68 is 15mm x 12mm, the Seimitsu PS-14G Microswitch, which is Tokai Communications MM9-4, is 18mm x 18mm.

Sanwa RS-SG Microswitch can fit in the Body of Seimitsu PS-14-KN.
But the Microswitch Actuator does not match the Plunger Slot.

You can still use them though.

RoboKrikit used RS-SG in his PS-14-GN(???), which also uses same Microswitch as PS-14-KN.

It may be hard to explain, but the clear ones during the press down go about half way down before I feel an increase of resistance and then go the rest of the way down. The pink ones will press all the way down without that change in pressure.

Its even more noticeable if you press the very edge of the button, it feels like the clear ones edge has to “catch” first and then be forced down the rest of the way, the pink ones will press all the way down on the edge without catching first.

Probably just a small manufacturing difference since the buttons were not from the same batch. You would not notice anything if they were all the same one way or the other.

Im probably making it sound more significant than it really is, but thats because I am trying to explain the different feeling.

Actually it sounds like the pink ones are the oddballs out, because PS-14-KN buttons are supposed to feel exactly like your clear ones.

I find the Sanwa in the TE Stick way too sensitive. I was wondering what button models I can use to replace them with. I heard you can use both PS14KN and PS14GN. What are the difference between those and the Sanwa ones that came with the stick. Thanks in advance.

I always recommend to stick with the Sanwas for a while until you get used to it. Not necessarily saying you should just suck it up and use those buttons just because someone said so, but it will help you to make a good comparison later when you try out other buttons. If I hadn’t done this I’dve never discovered how much I like Sanwa buttons, because my first reaction was that they were simply way, way too sensitive. Now every other button seems like it is just getting in the way of my inputs. :slight_smile: