Seimitsu PS-14-G to GX Conversion

Saw Sethian0’s WTB thread and wanted to try some myself.

Started with some spare RGs I had laying around:

Broke them down:

Snipped and filed down the smaller portion of the micro-switch to make it compatible with the G series plunger:

Fit pre-cut cardstock pad into plunger cap to fix the engage distance*:

*Note: My first batch of these worked fine, but didn’t activate until bottomed out. With the inserts, they engage at about half press. Additionally, the inserts add some rigidity to the buttons, as the plungers have more surface area to activate the micro-switch. This is helpful since I nixed the structural portion of the micro-switch as it would interact with the GX’s plunger.

Also, for the faint of heart-- or if you want to try a quick mock-up before you commit to butchering your RG switches-- you can bottom mount the RG switches without altering them:

Just insert the RGs upwards from the bottom, twist them slightly till they ‘catch’ on the button housing, then tack with hot glue. For the bottom mount variant you may find that you require a thicker insert to get the feel you want. Not a permanent solution, but worth it if you dont want to go full yolo.

Lastly, VLX all murdered out, GX style:

I did the hard way and transplant the actual plastic piece from a sanwa OBSF RG button into the PS-14-G plunger and just epoxy it.

Ya, that would be the right way to do it. But I couldn’t be bothered!


Would 3D printing be a better option?

You could reproduce the part on the RG plunger that interfaces the switch instead of buying and then butchering RG plungers. Those buttons aren’t cheap so I would say that is the best option. 3D printed adapter inserts for Seimitsu screw in buttons work great. I’ve been playing on that type of button for a while now and love it.

that’s why i only did ONE. it was too much work.