Seimitsu original lubrication?

Hi there

I’m wondering if Seimitsu joysticks (LS-40/32) comes originally lubricated by Shin-Etzu or Molykote 44?

BTW, anyone who has used both of these 2 greases can tell if there is a big difference between each other? :cool:

All grease* should work similar – buy whatever’s cheapest.

Or convert to Seimitsu LS-33/55 line of joysticks – no lube needed :bgrin:

EITHER of the above 2 greases, or similar silicone greases.

Dow Molycoat 44 or Molykote 44J and Shin-Etsu G-40M all have the same mill specs.

And to kikimaru024, as I used to work as a diesel mechanic for the US Marine Corps, I can tell you all grease are not the same
But I think you meant just the above mentioned grease. I have a feeling someone else will misread that and use a grease that could destroy their stick.

The wrong grease can gunk and lock up a stick or start to dissolve components of the plastic it self.
You will also want to avoid any food base grease like shorting or Crisco, as well as food grade industrial grease.

Thanks, guys.

About food base grease, i would never do this. Is that, i applied Molykote 44 on a LS-40 and here are the results i got:

1 - If i put too much, i feel no grindy at all but i feel sticky when i do moves.
2 - If i put a tiny layer on both pivot and bearing base (which i feel adequate and smooth enough), when i move the shaft with no spring it feels really smooth, but grindy when the joystick is set.

That results are completely different comparing from what i felt when the joystick was new, by the way i’m using an original spring and its new. Any tip?

*I like both ls-32/40, so i’m not considering convert to others for now, kikimaru :wink:

Silicone-based, silicone-based, silicone-based.

Do NOT use grease that is organic based. It will corrode the metal in the stick shaft and can dissolve plastic.

You don’t have to import Shin-Etsu G40M grease, either.

For just under $20, Honda dealerships sell a very similar grease for their cars. It’s called G-30W-0-M. It’s used to lubricate car handles, door hinges, etc. on the cars. Very similar formulation to G40M and also silicone-based and manufactured by Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., LTD

It’s what I used for the joystick pivot point… Most silicone greases you get at hardware stores should be safe. They’re usually under $8 and significantly smaller than the tubes sold at arcade parts vendors. Again, stay away from naturally-occurring organic grease. That stuff will gum up AND destroy your joystick.

Always use small amounts of grease. You can get by a little but certainly overdo it, too.

Thanks, George!

But i believe i already be using one from appropriate greases (Molykote 44 as i said), just can’t understand why i can’t get the smooth feeling like new.

There may be some dirt on the pivot cylinder. Take apart the stick, clean it off, then apply fresh grease. Or order a new pivot cylinder. will sell individual parts of the LS-40.

Whatever you do grease-wise, DON’T use lip balm or Chap stick! They have organic oils in them that can corrode joysticks.

A while back people were saying Chap stick/lip balm and even the usually reliable Slagcoin FAQ said it was fine to use, too.

Stick to synthetic silicone-based greases and you should be fine.

Nerrage is right, too. You’re generally better off wiping the old grease off of stick components before applying new lubricant/grease.

(Is it just me or does it feel dirty some times talking about ‘stick’ lubricant? :wow: )

I actually did. I took apart the joystick and cleaned the pivot and bearing base by washing, and of course, dried good enough. Have i did something wrong on cleaning procedure?