Seimitsu LS-32 with Street FIghter SE stick

Ok ive just ordered the LS-32 joystick from Seimitsu but now watching the connectors im not sure if it works with the Street Fighter SE stick , so im askin there to get sure i did the right purchase, cause ive been told its the competitor to the Sanwa original TE joystick. Can anyone solve this so i modify my purchase if im wrong

LS-32-01 to buy, not LS-32.

will the ls-32 work with that street fighter SE stick? thats what im wondering

LS-32 needs individual 0.187" connectors, 2 per switch. LS-32-01 takes the 5-pin harness connector that the SE uses. You should get the LS-32-01 like jdm714 says, unless you want to do some manual wiring.

damn k thx

Also, LS-32 comes with RE mounting plate, you need a Seimitsu SS mounting plate to mount properly (RE mounting plate will result in a short shaft). SS comes with LS-32-01.

its there a switch to change the connector of LS-32 not the 01 series to be compatible with the street fighter SE stick connector?

in ur guys opinions is this the best stick mod for SE? i have a stock SE with sanwa buttons

No, you have to hack the 5-pin connector to work with it. It’s not hard, but you will need some quick disconnects and some extra wire to do it.

All really depends. Most people recommend the JLF. I like the LS-32, personally, but it’s really all a matter of preference.

gimme ur take , i prefer less throw so what are my options if you dont mind…i may just get a HITBOX they seem sic

Any Sanwa or Seimitsu joystick will mount with the proper mounting plate. However, you must use JLF-TP or Seimitsu LS-XX-01 in order to use with 5-pin connector.

what are the differnces in the two youve mentioned ? and thanks for the dims above :slight_smile:

Nerrage, you linked the wrong picture.
That is for Buttons, not Joystick.


But seriously, opinions are like ass holes, everyone got one and they all stink. Pick a stick you be happy with and not give a shit what any one else say.

The LS-32-1 is a better choice than the LS-32, the only difference it uses the same wiring harness as a JLF. Other than that its pure preference.

i figured as much but i guess was hoping for some golden lined input hahah but try knew it would ultimately boil down to just that but thanks for the quick responses now i know what to order!!

I like to reference Kowal’s tables also, since they have detailed figures on actuation/throw/force.

Yes, slagcoin is wrong anyways.
Or at least kowal argues with slagcoin and M K L.

I took my Joysticks to the school Physics Lab to do measurements too.

Yeah. Going by ‘short’, ‘medium’, ‘far’ makes it sound different than it really is, for people who haven’t actually used both sticks. Kowal’s data says LS-32 has 1mm less throw and engagement, 20g more force, and that is about what it feels like. I haven’t done any real measurements myself.

Oh yeah? Cool.

I like the JLF just a tad bit better BUT as others have said, it’s personal preference. I highly recommend buying both (since they’re only ~$25 each) then just sell the one you don’t like or keep it to build another stick whenever you’ve got the additional funds. I like having choices & also when I get bored with one then I can always go back & forth, LOL!