Seimitsu LS-32 vs LS-32-01

I’m ready to mod my SE Madcatz Stick and I need to know some specifics on these. The LS-32-01 (as well as every SANWA joystick) is sold out on LizardLick so, I wanna know if I can just get the LS-32 instead.

What’s the difference between the two?
Will the LS-32 fit in the Madcatz SE without any extra effort?

Thanks in advance… :slight_smile:

You need the 01 for a direct drop-in. The LS-32 is going to be more work than you’ll probably want to do. Here’s another good US-based shop:

LS-32-01 Uses 5 pin connector. LS-32-01 also come with SS mounting plate stock.
LS-32 does not use 5-pin connector. LS-32 comes with RE mounting plate stock.

RE mounting plate will mount your joystick too low, need SS mounting plate swapped with RE if want use LS-32 joystick.
No 5-pin connector means you will have to hack the existing connector to be use with Madcatz PCB.

If you want fast, you can try other store, like to buy LS-32-01

Fast shipping, just make sure you get it before it’s out of stock.

Thanks guys! This is all the info I needed.

Is this the same for the TE as well? Recently i did start feeling like my Joystick was kind of short making it a bit difficult to do some motions

Yes. For most JLF based sticks, you’ll need the SS plate to mount an LS-32.

The only time you should have to use a flat mounting plate to mount an LS-32-01 in a joystick case is if —

  1. You’re mounting the LS-32-01 in a standard (not SA or SE) HRAP 3 case… The flat mount (I think it’s the RE) WILL line up with the 4 screw holes in the HRAP 3 mount area… You need M4 screws, 8-10mm long, 0.7 pitch. The only bad thing about the mounting position here is that the LS-32-01 shaft will be short. You need to get an LS-32 extender from either Gremlin Solutions or eTokki.
    Also, I’ve found Hori HRAP screw holes to be tight and you might not be able to thread the screws completely through. Keep a supply of washers ready in case you have to use them to get a tight seal on the LS-32-01 mounting plate.

  2. You’re mounting the LS-32-01 in an Art Hong Tek case. The flat plate mounts directly under the faceplate. No issues with shaft length there.

  3. You’re mounting the LS-32-01 under a modded T5 faceplate or a custom made metal faceplate/Art Hong replacement plexi faceplate. You might have to use spacers to get the right shaft height above the faceplate… Keep your washers in good supply for this!

One more question… does the LS-32-01 come with a Square Gate? Where can I find an Octo-Gate for it?

It does come with a square gate. There is not an octo gate, but there is a circular one.

Looks like only LizardLick has it in the US, none at Paradise or FocusAttack.

Can’t y’all just try and learn to use a proper square gate on the 32 before jumping to a circle?

Because that’s how Americans roll.

if you plan to play fighters, stay away from ls-32

LS-32 was standard in Capcom Impress and other cabinets (ST, 3S, etc) and a lot of players prefer them for those games to this day. If you don’t like the LS-32 that is your personal preference.

The funny thing is that the Seimitsus (-32-01 and 40-01) are the only joysticks I’ve played where I feel comfortable using the square gates! I don’t even use round gates on the -32-01, either! They’re just way more comfortable than the JLF ever was for me…

I actually don’t mind the Square Gate. I hated it at first but, I got used to it. I just want to try out an Octo/Circle Gate and see how it feels since I’m a pad player.

Sorry to piggypack on this thread. But if I grab a LS-32-01 and drop it into a TE, can I take the existing JLF and drop it into a SE stick? Or so I need any other parts.

Thanks to anyone that can help.

Yes, you can do that.

You can put the JLF into the SE fine.

Thanks much.