Seimitsu LS-32 Questions

Alright, I looked around here and really couldn’t find the answer for these. I have a Hori Real Arcade Pro EX-SE all stock. I want to do the LS-36 mod for it. 2 questions:

  1. The black dust cover (or the thing underneath the balltop that slides on the faceplate) seems pretty flimsy, much flimsier than on my TE stick and my hands catch it and bend it every now and then and it annoys me! Is there a better replacement that will work for the LS-36 mod?

  2. When I lift up that dust cover, whatever it is under the faceplate in the assembly that is exposed looks pretty chewed up or damaged. Is this normal? Will it be fixed with the ls-36 mod?


  1. You have to get a new dust cover to go with the LS-40’s shaft cover anyway.

  2. That is either just normal plastic wear (very slight), or … well, you know what dust is made of? :wink:

  1. So is the LS-40 dust cover a bit sturdier/hefty than that found on the ls-32? That dust cover bugged me pretty bad getting caught and bent on my fingers from time to time.

  2. Yeah it’s definitely not dust. The plastic is chewed up pretty good.

If you get an LS-40 shaft cover, then other standard dust washers fit pretty well. This is Arthong’s clear Sanwa dust washer with my LS-36 mod:

That looks awesome. I’ll search for him. What other dust covers do you know that work well with it? I’m about to put in an order and they’re cheap so I’d like to go ahead and try them. Do you have the problem with the LS-36 with the thing right underneath the dust cover and the panel getting all chewed up?

I don’t have that problem. Are you sure it’s not just the white joystick grease leaking out? Mine had that, but the plastic is not chewed up at all.

The LS-40 dust washer (with shaft cover hole) will fit perfect if you don’t want clear.

Arthong’s clear washers are for sale here