Seimitsu LS-32-01 - Is it normal for the joystick to raise up a bit when pressed up against the gate

Hi all. I just installed an LS-32-01 in my fightstick but I’m a little concerned that something isn’t quite right. All the directions work fine but its just when I hold the stick in one of the corners and if I press the joystick a little bit towards the gate, I can feel as if the joystick moved up very slightly. I compared it to my Sanwa JLF and found that the Sanwa has it slightly but not as bad (can only feel it in one of the corners and it’s less than the Seimitsu). Is this just a design flaw in the LS-32-01 or should I contact my retailer to ask for a replacement LS-32-01? Thanks.

It’s a peculiarity in the design of the joystick that doesn’t affect usage or longevity. You just learn to accept it and gates that will eventually wear down into a more circular shape.

The thing is though, I removed the gate and tested it again, the issue seems to still be there.

That is inherent to all LS-32s

LS 32 is just the worst joystick on the market, I dont understand its hype. not even the cheapest chinese copy does have this issues

You have to press it pretty hard against the gate to make it jump. You guys must play rough.
I totally disagree with the post above. I don’t want to say you’re not using it right, but…

yeah, again, i like the ls-32, personally even better than the JLF.
i noticed this when i was fiddling with the joystick, but i have yet to notice it at all when i’m actually playing, can’t imagine it affecting the playability.

its normal and doesn’t effect anything

ls32 fo lyfe :sunglasses:

And you know this how??? And you’ve tried ALL the mainline joysticks AND ALL the knock-offs?

I kind of doubt it.

Just accept that other people have different opinions and leave it at that without the histrionics.

The LS-32 has the reputation of being the number two joystick in Japan and the most popular alternative to the JLF which a lot of us have bigger issues with… It has its idiosyncracies, yes, but ALL of the control levers have idiosyncracies. Manual transmission, automatic, hybrid, magnetic drive, you take your pick – there’s something for everyone.
Personally, I like the gated-switch joysticks better than the simpler microtab, JLF-style joysticks.
The -32-01 is the most flexible joystick I’ve played with… The -40-01 isn’t bad either, and I think most of us who like the Seimitsu style gated-tab joysticks would probably like the newly reconfigured (for Japanese-style joystick cases) Korean joystick coming out as well as the Hori joystick developed for the Fighting Edge.

jlf works fine too…I can use anything but Id take ls32 over other sticks for sure

I personally like the LS-40 and the LS-56. Great sticks. 56 slightly edges it out IMO, but the 40 isn’t bad either. I don’t like the JLF.

Thanks for the info guys. I don’t feel the joystick pop up while playing, I was just messing around with the joystick while it wasn’t connected and thats when I noticed the joystick popping up. I wouldn’t say that I necessarily ride the gate, in SF, it isn’t necessary but in VF, with particular inputs like crouch dashing, I use the corners of the gate to give me feedback that I’ve hit df, df or db, db but in SF, I can do quarter circles without riding the gate.

To continue from the absolute newbie thread, can anyone tell me the process of removing and replacing the spring in an LS-32-01? I just would like to know because I suspect that the spring is slightly loose because the joystick hardly feels any different to the Sanwa JLF, unless they’re meant to be similar and there’s nothing wrong with my Seimitsu?

They are similar, some claim they omg like total opposites but they’re not… The only real difference I feel is my dashes are easier, and parries in 3s but im not much of a 3s player really but i have heard that a lot of 3s players prefer them

It jumps during normal play, you dont have to play very hard, I play only out of my wrist, no elbow movement.
I tried JLF, LS32,LS56, IL Competition and some chinese knockoffs.
The LS 32 was by far the worst. C’mon, you by a Joystick made in Japan “Quality made in Japan”, and accept issues like pop up and a non lasting gate? It’s just shit, sorry. Its my opinion and should be everybodys, at least out of princinples.

So can anyone tell me the process of replacing a Seimitsu LS-32-01 joystick spring?

Whatever you say, Adolf.

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From Slagcoin:

If “normal play” for you involves grinding the plastic on your gate down enough to say it doesn’t last, then, yeah, I would say you play pretty rough. Once you become acclimated with the LS-32, you should usually just be kissing the gate during play, not smashing and grinding around it.

I am much used to the JLF, which is by far the loosest joystick out there, so I’m really not playing with that much force!
I had the popping issue during normal play, no unnecessary hard gate grinding (holding downback for block -> pop , weird).
I send it back to the shop after a week, so I couldnt observe wear and tear on the gate, but you can read much about that.
No issues with the Sanwa ! It’s qualitatively superior, and I mean in most case in technical design.
Cant understand why seimitsu didnt correct the issues with the LS32, insteadt they publish a new joystick (LS 58).

eh ls-32 does pop a bit but it’s not that huge of an issue. For me at least. Personally i prefer a JLW or Taeyoung to play on.