Seimitsu buttons


I have an old Madcatz TE Round 2 stick. I wanted to customize it so I printed artwork and bought a plexi cover. The problem now is that due to extra thickness (metal plate + plexi), my normal Sanwa snapins don’t fit perfectly. One of the button had already had its “snap-legs” broken.

I have two solutions:

  1. Buy a plexi top that has screw-holes so I can mount joystick on that.
  2. Buy Seimitsu screw-in buttons

As of now I prefer option 2. I have a question though - how much leeway do I get with those screw-ins? In other words,** can I screw those buttons with the plexi’s extra thickness?**

Another question - are Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons the same wires? Thank you for answers.

Shitty illustration:

Screw-in buttons can be used in much thicker panels than a snap in, 9mm is the stated maximum panel thickness. The wiring is the same but the button “feel” is different. Sanwa also makes screw-in buttons, but their color selection is very limited in comparison to Seimitsu and max panel thickness is 7mm.