Seimitsu 5pin solder help

Hey i have a seimitsu ls3202, and dont have a 5pin cable. So does anyone one know the pin layout for what direction? I copied a sanwa jlf to see if it would work and only down works. I have it soder to a nondualshock ps1 pad like this:


Anyone know thats right?

This is the Sanwa and Seimitsu FAQ that I compiled. It will answer most questions about Sanwa and Seimitsu parts including the one you just asked.

Here is a linked thumbnail to a wiring diagram made by TheRealNeoGeo:

Keep in mind, you have to position the joystick in the same orientation as shown in the pic for the wiring to be correct. If you were to turn it in any direction, then obviously you would need to make the adjustments. Luckily, Per color coded them so you don’t even need to read the labels.


The pin-out is exactly the same between Sanwa and Seimitsu sticks. The connector however is placed on different sides of the PCB, which means any wiring diagram where you’re looking down at the bottom of the stick has to have the pin-order inverted if your brand differs.

Yeah the 5pin is placed on the right like that picture, when looking down at it. Looking at that picture, can i solder the wire to the solder points on the edges or only the 5pin? And thanks for the help paik4life and mayhem.