Seiei-Videu: Yang Video Thread

So here are the first videos of yan, lets get some more shall we?




not liking these thread names but, first come first to serve lol


sry, that was like the first thing that came in my mind :slight_smile:

I’d have called it “Fei who? The Yang video thread”

I was hoping to get some actual released AE footage, not stuff we have seen 3 months ago

The game has been out for a day. Chill out, relax, just wait a little bit longer.

Other way around, apparently Fei > all

Fei Wrong.

i am definetely going to my main my nigga Yang.

^Yang is yellow, not ‘nigga’ colour

i know. he is kinda like asian though.but he still my asian nigga though

Sakura and Makoto are the realist niggas.

You’re just a perv. :confused:

Hayt Hayt HAAAAAAY!!!

need them videos

Can’t wait to see some Daigo vs Mago matches, Yun vs Yang yeee

please no more loc test videos


Ever nigga

yun and yang will rip them into shred bruh bruh


His backdash looks pretty good.