Sega VSHG OWNERS need your help

For those of you who own a VSHG, have you ever tried mounting a zippy joystick long shaft version?
I heard the cp is too thick to mount a ls32. Also wondering if the depth of the mounting space would be as issue too.
Would prefer a zippy over jlf or any of seimitsu’s other offerings.

So i saw this pic. Can somebody tell me how thick the plastic is before you get the bottom plate.

Afaik zippy sticks are clones of ls32’s. So if a ls32 won’t fit I doubt a zippy would. Just my 2 cents.

I know its a clone. What ive heard is the cp is thick on the vshg so the ls32 shaft isnt long enough and wont be at the right mounting height. Reason i ask about the zippy is due to the longer shaft version.

Misread your first post. Was thinking didn’t fit depth wise. My bad.


Looking at the photo here

You see the panel is a think flat metal sheet and the Joystick is nearly flush with that panel.
Problem not the panel thickness, but the mounting hole pattern.

your good, that might be the case too.

Dark- hmm, maybe he meant with a universal plate plus existing mounting jlf surface the ls32 would fall short.
Looks like I should just wait until I have a VSHG in my hands before trying to figure out what i can get in there. Guess most ppl just keep the jlf.

VSHG is 2 point mount. I believe that the JLF is the only thing that’s going to fit. Even if you mount the zippy to a universal plate the body of the joystick is going to cover up the holes you need on it.

@NENDO Yeah, its looking pretty grim, this might have to be the only stick that i keep the jlf in. But once i grab a VSHG i will def look into what can be done. I dont have a problem welding bolt thread to the bottom of the cp. Might have to cut off the jlf mount.

VSHG lover here.
it`s made very compact,and designed for just fitting the JLF.
if you think JLF is too loose and want it tighter with more force,you only need to replace its micro-switch,and adding the right grease.

Why do that when replacing the spring will have the same effect?

I would love to see what comes of this. I’m hoping to put a JLW in a VSHG but I’m not sure how I’m going to yet.

after doing more reading i read on a virtua fighters forum that a player was able to stick a ls56 in there, didnt go into detail but it took some work to get it in there. So more than likely a l32/ls40 is out of the question. But I will still take measurements once i get one just incase. If not 2lb spring, oversized actuator and octogate it is

Of course it can - the LS-56, LS-55, LS-33, LS-58 and all other similar variants will install as easily as a Sanwa JLF if you have the ‘MS’ mounting plate. Failing that you can simply use a JLF mounting plate and drill a set of holes in it to mount the Seimitsu joystick.