Sega Virtua Stick for the PS2

What do you all think about this stick? I couldn’t seem to find any topic regarding this specific stick. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s similar to the Saturn version except it colored black and works with the PS2. Also I believe it comes with a Semitsu LS-56 and PS-15 buttons. I bought it for $30 from someone that managed to find it for $10 on ebay, then I was pretty shocked that people are actually seeking out this model. I still can’t get used to Semitsu though but I’m fighting the urge to mod it to Sanwa.

wow that is an incredible deal, i pm meus for one at 100 bucks but never responded.

I would kill for a ps2 compatible Virtual On twinstick

No one’s ever made a Virtual-On PS2-native stick to my knowledge…

Sega produced two Twin Sticks on its own –
a) the Saturn version (which I own, and NO, I’m not selling!)
and b) the Dreamcast version.

Frankly, I like the arcade look of the Saturn model better. It has nice decals unlike the DC Twin Stick which is a plain, ugly-looking vanilla controller. Both controllers are well-built and really do give the V-O Sega home ports a true arcade feeling. I absolutely can’t play the game without this stick! A converter was released for DC that lets you use the Saturn Twin Stick on the DC so I never bothered to retire/sell the Saturn Twin Stick… I just got the DC converter for Saturn sticks! Never bothered to get the DC Twin Stick, either. It was sold out Day 1 of release and I don’t think as many as those were produced as Saturn Twin Sticks were at any rate.

(It does seem to be easier to find the DC Twin Stick. I bump into listings for them all the time on Japanese import shop websites and occasionally on e-Bay. Saturn Twin Sticks seem to be listed a lot less frequently.)

The other (third) Twin Stick models released within the past few months was Hori’s. That’s for XBox Live’s adaptation of Virtual-On which is probably based on the arcade or DC version of Virtual-On. Compared to the Sega models, this Twin Stick was horrendously priced. I don’t think I paid over $85 for my Saturn Twin Stick and I could probably still get over $150 for it today.

At any rate, it’s easy enough to get PS2 converters for either DC or Saturn controllers. Mojo sells a PS2 converter that works with the Sega Saturn Twin Stick btw. There should also be an HK converter for PS2 that allows you to use DC controllers on that system, too.

If u do mod the stick please keep the origional parts b/c u can put back and sell like origional for more money. The stikc u have there is very rare and only 2 ppl i know on this forum i know who has it. Me u and i think Markman too has one.

At hachsparrow sorry for the late response back, busy dealing for things.

U can buy cheap SS twin stick and mod for ps2 if u like. They are easy to mod.

True George i also have 2 of the SS twin sticks and now need one of the DC twin stick too. Also i to like the SS Stick better too it has better design.

The OP isn’t talking about a Virtual On stick. He’s talking about the Virtua Stick HSS-0136 but the model made for PS2. It’s black. You got a good price on eBay OP at 10 bucks. I’ve been searching for the same Virtua Stick but made for Xbox. Seems like a lot of them were distributed in the UK but not in the U.S. I’ve got mixed feelings about these single player Virtua Sticks. Out of my 20 or so arcade sticks, I rank them pretty low as far as functionality goes. Just doesn’t feel right. Looks good though.

We know that but the 3rd-to-last fellow got into Virtual-On so we piped in.

Is there a rule about talking about other sticks if there’s a proper segue in the thread?

Anyhow, it’s done.

Meus and I said pretty much what was to be said about the V-O sticks.

Winchester, it’s your stick… you do what you want to it.

If it has good condition Seimitsu parts in it, I’d probably just leave it as it is. The buttons wearing out/being worn are the bigger problem than the stick unless you absolutely can’t get used to the stick. Definitely wouldn’t be a problem putting Sanwa buttons in it since they’re the same diameter as Seimitsu. Depends on whether the buttons are soldered into the PCB or not. Shouldn’t be a problem changing them one way or the other…

Putting a JLF or LS-32-01 in the base might be a problem unless it has a moddable mount area. I suspect that since the JLF and LS-56-01 are close enough (at least according to people who have done this) in relative mount size that it might be possible to put a JLF in there.

I might try something like that later this year – but with an LS-56-01 replacing a JLF!

It has quick disconnects in it, so I might try replacing it with a new set of PS-15’s or putting in Sanwa. I don’t know the difference between a new or old Semitsu button yet so it’s best to try both kinds to be safe.

Yes, the Virtua Stick for PlayStation 2 has Quick Disconnect for the Buttons.
The Virtua Stick for Sega Saturn has Buttons soldered to PCB.

Winchester, for whatever reason you would want, Sanwa SW-68 Microswitches can be put into Seimitsu PS-15.

I’m going to just leave everything stock now after a major revelation that this stick works on MvC2 so well that it feels perfect. I am curious to where exactly I can find the type of nuts that are holding the 5 holes of the panel down as one of them is pretty rusted apart.

Okay after giving the stock parts a month, I’m driven crazy to the point where I’m willing to mod it apart just to get Sanwa in. I also found out that the 5 nuts holding down the top panel are m4 x 70 carriage bolts just for future reference. Anyways I particularly like the art on it and if I have to dismantle it, where exactly can I find a company that would produce the artwork in the same texture and material? Also is there a way to remove the LS-33-01 without damaging the PCB? I’m not familiar as to whether I should remove it from the PCB portion or just remove it through the LS-33-01.

the sanwa buttons should be easy, the harness to remove appears to be a universal cable. just unplug it from the joystick

i dont know how it mounts on the control panel tho

edit; you may have to bend the button prongs to get obs buttons in there
the ps-15 buttons are very thin.
the ls-56 is a compact joystick as well. there are measurements of them on aki
so go compare them first and then see if its worth it.

this pic stolen from meus

The OBs fit in fine with the prongs as the way they are. Problems came up when using OBSFs since they couldn’t get a grip on the panel itself, so OBSNs solved the problem of them moving around. Just have to find a way to have the QDs stay permenately on the prongs since they are going loose also. As for the mounting, I read that I would have to modify the top panel with some other objects underneath it and it should fit a JLF just fine, I would just have to make a few modifications here and there. Finding artwork to replace the old one would be what I’m trying to figure out since I know it will be ruined once I remove it off.

I also own this stick. Bought it about 6 years ago and even then it was hard as shit to find Everything is quick-disconnect except the top plate but I have kept mine all stock except 1 thing…a sanwa bat top. The LS-56-01 thing is true and the buttons are indeed PS-15. The PCB is highly durable and inputs register beyond perfectly. The stick feels like a hybrid between an IL comp and an LS-33. The stick is also clicky (kinda loud) :slight_smile: but who the hell cares when you are in your room or office with the door closed

Every hardcore player that uses a stick looks for that one with the perfect feel. To me, this is that stick and I played the hell out of it for 6 years daily… and the stick still feels like day 1. I’ve owned hraps, Xarcade, MAS, FS3, you name it and they’re all in my basement collecting dust. I use my Virtua Stick exclusively. You are lucky to have this stick in your possession. Like the other user said, keep all stock parts if you do decide to mod as the stick is in demand. Thanks for opening this thread because most newbreeds aren’t aware of this stick.