Sega saturn to PS mod?

Hello everyone, I dont mean to start a new thread but I’m looking for the person who modded his sega saturn controller and put a PS end on it so it was compatible for PS games. I bought 2 sega saturn pc controllers and the max shooter xfps so that I mite be able to use the controllers on my xbox 360 and unless there is some other way of doing it, it does not work. but with the converter I am capable of using PS controllers, so if i could get one modded i would be ok…hopefully. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate.

P.S. Again I am sorry for making a new thread if this is not the place it belong.

Check out this thread. It skips the XFPS adapter altogether and wires it directly to a 360 pad. This is stuck on the back of my todo list because I keep using my 360 pads for other projects. It should get you going in the right direction though.

The guy who modded it for the PS2 used a Tekken 5 PCB that was hacked up. I don’t know about its compatibility with the XFPS because those only seem to like first-party Sony controllers.