Sega Saturn Modchip Help

This is a US Saturn, model 2, with the 64 pin chip.

This mod must be installed with the component side facing away from the CD unit since the ribbon cable is twisted.

The mod didn’t fit in this way around, so I had to bend the metal shielding from the main board and file down the chip so it would fit snug. Not too hard to do, so now the modchip fits perfectly.

Ive put the chip in both ways using the A+B method described in the link below, and also tried soldering the signal wire to the 8th pin on the IC chip (as I read on Sega Xtreme), but it didnt work so I bridged A and B and it still doesnt work
Originals work just fine with the mod installed, CDRs dont. The failure is either Disc is unsuitable for this system or offering just the audio tracks. I dont understand why needs help with this.

Guides -

Here’s a couple of pics to show what I did…

The start-up screen loads up just fine…

So this is pretty much what it does… Now… This is a backup of Night Into Dreams… Just loads up audio…

where can i get one?I own 2 saturns and i want to play panzer dragoon saga.

I got mines from here…

but u can also get one from the link I gave on my first post…

isn’t the 64 bit one just for the Model 1

Got This is from RacketBoy

Model 1 Saturn:

?Oval power and reset button / 20 pin ribbon cable

Model 2 Saturn:

?Oval power and reset buttons / 21 pin ribbon cable / 64 pin IC.
?Round power and reset buttons / 21 pin ribbon cable / 64 pin IC. - **This is the one I Have **-
?Round power and reset buttons / 21 pin ribbon cable / 32 pin IC.
?Round power and reset buttons / 21 pin ribbon cable / No IC (AKA Sanyo Board)

Unless something has changed, information on modding systems is against the rules here.

This sounds right. You’ll probably receive better support at Racketboy as well.