Sega Saturn Fighting Games Plz?

Well, just dusted off my saturn, and thought I’d try it out again. Just bought Fighting Vipers off Play-Asia for 10$ and a 4m cart, so wanted to know if there’s any other games i should be getting. It got me thinking about making an arcade stick for it, but dunno if i really want too. So if anybody can shoot off some fighting games for it, post below. Japanese preferred, as I got a jpn saturn.

Ones that I know of

Virtua Fighter 1-2
Fighters Megamix
Virtua Fighter Kids
Fighting Vipers
Groove on Fight
X-men vs Street Fighter
Marvel Super heroes vs. Street Fighter
Street Fighter Zero 1-3
Street Fighter Movie

  • Last Bronx
  • Virtua Fighter Remix
  • Sonic Fighters
  • Golden Axe: The Duel
  • Virtual On?
  • Dead or Alive

Can’t remember if MVC was there, too.

Actually, Sonic the Fighters never made it to the Saturn, not even in Japan.

There’s KoF games on the Saturn, not sure which ones exactly. I think there’s a kind of Fatal Fury collection on there and some Samurai Shodown games aswell. Oh, and there’s Final Fight Revenge, which is a versus fighter instead of a sidescroller like the other games in the series. But it costs heaps. Can’t think of anything else that hasn’t already been mentioned.

KOF '95-97
Real Bout Fatal Fury Collection
X-men COTA
Marvel Superheroes
Waku Waku 7
Anarchy in the Nippon (very obscure 3D jap only fighter)
Toshinden URA

You actually want SF Movie? The novelty wears off pretty fast.

Anyway the only ones I haven’t seen mentioned:
Samurai Shodown 3, 4 (aka Samurai Spirits Zankuro Musouken and Amakusa Kourin)
Asuka 120% Burning Fest Limited
Astra Superstars

There are plenty more but I can’t really call them all good.

Galaxy Fight is kinda cool, although Golden Done is one of the most ridiculous characters in history. He has like 10 different throws, but they are all regular throws so there’s no point. Good game though.

Golden Axe: the Duel is one of those fighting games that looks great, but is made by a team who have no idea how to make a good 2D fighter. Try this infinite combo with the big green dude: light kick x infinity.

The exact game I was going to mention, I’ve always wanted to play it but never felt like forking out $250 for it…

250.00! :looney:

Here’s some other Saturn fighters:

Marvel Super Heroes
Fighters History Dynamite
World Heroes Perfect
Street Fighter Collection (with A-Gold, ST and Super)
Suiko Enbu (Dark Legend in the US)
Suiko Enbu Fuun Saiki
Rabbit Fighter
Sonic Council
Battle Monsters
Capcom Generation 5 (WW, CE & HF)
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Night Warriors
Vampire Savior
Primal Rage
Pretty Fighter X
Pocket Fighter

Unfortunately, even with the Ram Cart, Xmen:COTA and MSH play with hella slowdown.

But XvSF and MSHvsSF are like gold.

I own XvSF, MvSF, Vampire Saviour, and Cyberbots. All gravy. Hell, I was playing some MvSF and VS this morning. I love my used Japanese Saturn. I paid $125 for it.

The best game on Saturn is Vampire Savior.

Crows for Saturn is fuckin awesome if you like river city ransom style beat em ups and feel like forking over $200+ because the manga is so retardedly popular.

LOL, actually, i wouldn’t mind owning it if i could probably get it for 10-15$, just for shits and giggles. Also as a reminder as to how bad the game really is, can play any time i want

Ya, I got a pretty good deal when i got my jpn saturn a while ago. saturn with 2 pads and vcd card, steering wheel, lightgun and some japanese wrestling game for 160$ish like 3-4 years ago.

Also thanks for the listing guys