Sega Saturn controller mod to 360?

Ok so I was thinking of building my own arcade stick. The problem is that I need a shell. I’m thinking of buying a Sega Saturn arcade stick and pad hacking it to work for the 360.

Now I know some of you have experience with the Japanese one, but what about the American one? Specifically:


Or what about the Sega Genesis one?


If I had a decent shell to work with, I’d use that but I’m looking for a budget arcade stick. Everything else is far too expensive.

Anyone have a clue if this is possible or difficult?

I had one of those Saturn sticks back in the day and genuinely liked it. The case is really damned thin but you may be able to get a Mad Catz 360 pad shoved up in there. We would need pics of the inside to give you an answer.

Glad to see that it’s at least decent. I was thinking of buying it anyway just to play Sega Saturn on my friends machine.