Sega registered "Final Showdown" trademark for consoles

I wanted to post it on some “official” VF5FS thread but there are too many, so, whatever.

According to Game Nyarth, latest patents for console by Sega:

??2010-056172 ???
??2010-057113 §???
??2010-057457 ???
??2010-059134 §???

So… is the latest VF5 revision finally coming to PS3/Xbox 360? i guess this is the most close hint (it can be a whole new game anyway).

crosses fingers

C’mon Sega!

just lets toss a good netcode and shit will GDLK




fulfill your destiny sega…

About freakin time…

holy shit…

however, I don’t see ???on the page.

help plz…

nm: I see it.

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz consoles…

cock tease

Faith! My most anticipated fighter, the holy grail to solve my fighter woes, potentially coming home. God, this is such potentially great news haha.

nominated for an article.


scrubs are getting out of control


Now that I have calmed down, time to discuss this logically.

With TGS just over a week away, this is looking like great news. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that a console version is confirmed but this is looking very promising and is the most concrete evidence that SEGA is releasing a home version.


Fuck yes, fuck yes!!

Right. If they were doing it strictly to protect the intelectual property they could have done this before it was even out in the arcade. But given the timing, a little before SBO and TGS, a little after arcade release, coinciding with the earliest rumors of a 2011 early spring release, the timing all fits. Here’s to praying/hoping.

Don’t be whores Sega! Give us FS! recalls Micheal Jackson Jacky Intro


do it sega!

sweeeeeeeeet also i suck at vf


this is going to be awesome!