Sega Net City Cab or Namco Noir HD

Does anyone know where I can find a Sega Net City or Namco Noir HD cabinet plans or measurements?

I want to make one with a very similar design to one of these 2, but with some changes. The Net City I want to put a bigger screen and make the CP a bit more angular, less round. For the Noir id get rid of those ugly speaker bumps.

I personally like the footprint of the Net city cab a lot better, its much more compact.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Net City

Noir HD

Where are you located in Cali? Depending on your location feel free to stop on by and get dimensions or whatever you need from my Noir Cabinet. I haven’t had it that long and still in the process of converting it so that you can play xbox on it.

Probably because I’m biased toward Sega cabs, but Net City all the way.

I honestly think it depends on what you plan to do with the cab. My New Astro City is for mame or dedicated arcade games. My Noir is just for console fighting games like MvsC3. If I had to only have one cab to pick though I’d go NAC.

The net city looks nicer but i doubt you can put that many things inside it…

Plenty of room in both the Net City and Noir. OP just make a copy of both.