Sega Naomi -> Sigma AV-7000: help needed

Hey there,

I just picked up a Sega Naomi mobo and Capcom I/O.

This is my first time setting up anything other than MVS or CPS-2 on my Sigma, so I have a few questions before I blow anything up. From what I understand, using a Capcom I/O should allow me to draw power directly from the supergun, but I’m not getting audio or video at the moment. I can hear the fan, so it is receiving power. On the video side, I’m connecting to a PVM via S-video, which works fine with CPS-2 stuff so far.

Here’s what it looks like right now, in terms of connections (though not in this picture I DID have my a/v cord plugged into the AV7000:]):

First, do I have to adjust anything on the Supergun end in order to get the Naomi up and running? I seem to recall reading to adjust the 5v pot up slightly in the 5.25-5.1 range, though I’m not certain.

Second, do I have the proper power cable-- I notice some setups that use the connector to the left of what I have used.

I’m at a loss, and don’t want to wreck anything being hasty. Do your worst friends.