Sega Astro City monitor help

My friend has an Astro City in his shop that’s used to run PS3 AE and Marvel through a SCART to Jamma converter and regular Cthulhu boards. Besides that, there is nothing else to play. Besides buying various CPS2, CPS3, and Neo Geo boards, I suggested emulators to him. Being an Astro City and all, it’s not compatible with VGA directly from his laptop.

I then checked around and saw the Naomi Jamma IO converter. Is is possible to use the IO board to just be a VGA passthrough via computer? Will there be any resolution issues that have to be taken care of prior?


I don’t think the NAOMI JAMMA I/O does anything for video conversion. As he already has the Scart->JAMMA adapter, may I suggest getting a J-Tag 360 instead as it can run lots of great emulators, or get an XBox (old one, modded) and get “CoinOps 2” for it (godlike emulator pack). Computers + cabinets = hassle.

If the computer outputs a resolution at 15khz, will it pass through then? He does have a tri-sync chassis but due to the effects of 15k resolution games are with them, we wanna keep the original one intact.

If you can track one down, I’d recommend picking up an Extron Emotia scan converter. This will convert 640x480 VGA to a low-res 15khz RGB signal (with scanlines even). Here’s one model on eBay:

I only own the original model myself, so I can’t speak for specifics on this as far as supported resolutions and whatnot, but this is definitely the product line to look into.

Not sure. Maybe. But you might as well try to make a VGA->Scart cable instead and use the Scart->JAMMA interface (unless he already owns a NAOMI JAMMA I/O).

Thank you guys. I will look at these and see if the JPAC and Soft15khz can act as an alternative. Much appreciated.