Seen some conflicting information on TE/HRAP and PC support?

I’m looking in to buying a stick, and to be honest, all I care about is actual performance (I could care less about weight, visual appeal, etc), so my only requirement is Sanwa parts. Which it seems the best options with Sanwa parts are the TE or the HRAP.

I’ve seen some conflicting reports on PC support (unmodded) of these sticks. Would anyone be able to confirm if either (or both) of them work with PS3 & PC?

Although I dont own any PC fighting games, I would like the option of being able to use the stick on both consoles if possible, and that would sway my decision a bit if only one of them has PC support.

Assuming both (or neither) has PC support, I’ll probably just go w/ whichever I could find the best deal.

Technically both the TE and Hrap (PS3 and Xbox 360 versions) works on the PC.
Wired Xbox 360 controllers work on your PC as long as you have the drivers installed. Win 7 supports Xbox 360 controllers almost out of the box, and vista auto downloads the correct drivers. For Win Xp you can download the drivers from Microsoft’s site.

The only real issue are the Round 1 and Round 2 TE being used on a PC with a non Intel Chipset. The Chipset is 2 chips on the board that supports I/O devices.
Due to the PS3 TE being a UHCI class USB device non-intel chipsets, such as AMD or Nvidia chipsets will not support a PS3 TE.

Rumor is the (PS3) TE-S fixes the issue but I can’t confirm this.
Alternatively, if you dual mod your Xbox 360 Hrap or TE with a Cthulhu, Kitty, Dual-Strike or other board/kit for dual modding. I can say the boards does work with out drivers for the Windows PC as it registers as a HID gaming device.

For Linux Support, I do not know about drivers for the Linux OS.
There are Mac Drivers for the Xbox 360 PCBs.

Nope, not a rumor.
Because it is not true, the TE “S”.

ONLY the Chun-Li PlayStation 3 TE works on PC with no problem.
Every PlayStation 3 TE that is not the Chun-Li will work or not work depend on PC.

PCB on the PS3 TE consists of only 1 chip.

Linux drivers for PS3 are out there somewhere, so it should work(most recent kernels probably have it built in on a newer distro). As for 360, they can be installed by following this here(if you use linux you should be able to adapt this to your distro, if not I will gladly adapt the commands to your distro if need be):

No idea why that is an HTTPS link, but it is nonetheless.

Dev I am talking about the chipset on PC mother boards, not the TE’s board.

The PC motherboard chipset is why many PS3 TEs do not work on a PC.

There are 2 main chips on a chipset, the north bridge and sound bridge.
The North Bridge does higher I/O functions such as Ram and Video data buss to the CPU
The South Bridge does lower end I/O like mouse, keyboard and connects to the BIOS