Seeking PEI players

Hi. I am new and trying to find a competitive scene in Charlottetown but so far have failed miserably. Hoping to find some players. Hell, maybe I will have to start a scene myself. I play AE and some Marvel but generally like all fighting games.

Anyway, hope to hear from… well, anyone really.

I’m located in Charlottetown too. Let’s get a scene started. There are great groups in NB and NS, so they’re plenty of room for some territory battles too.

I have a small group of people who play Marvel, AE, Third Strike and Tekken 6.

Check out Maritime Knockouts, we’re a site aiming to gather and grow the scenes in all the Maritime provinces. Check my sig for the link below.

and don’t forget UMVC3 and SSFIV:AE Tournament, November 19th, Halifax, NS if you can make it out to Halifax for this :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick replies. I will definitely look into making it out to Halifax. Anyone have any good ideas on starting a scene? I am not really sure where to start. Maybe a facebook page would help for pei players. Machbreaker do you play on ps3 or 360? If you have a 360, we should swap gamertags. Mine is “the gamereye”

I’d say head on over to meet Mach and his friends, make it a regular thing, once every week or two and boom, you have a scene. And as soon as you have something regular like that, poke me and let me know and we’ll post it to Maritime Knockouts as well.

Hey Hey I also play on PEI, Mahvel, SSf4 but haven’t upgraded to AE yet, and of course Third Strike. I’m sure we could meet up at Lightning Bolt comics if we could all set aside a certain time of the week. Add me to X-box live: Awkward Cthulhu and follow my blog Let’s get some fighting games on the go.

Gamereye if you got wheels, you wanna try to get a car pool going for Nov 19th?

The second you guys have a tournament, we’re going to double the population of the island with cars from Halifax and NB.

Quick responses already. I love it.

My xbox gamertag is Machbreaker, I’ll add you guys next time I get a chance.

Gore Hose, what kind of a setup does lighting comic have? I haven’t been in there for a while. Last time I was there they didn’t have a TV, though they did have lots of table,chair space for card games. I’ll try and stop in there some time this week to take a look around.

Yeah Dylan doesn’t have a tv set up right now, but he has in the past let me set up an x-box and tv and game for the afternoon. I’ve asked Dylan about hosting tournaments with him, and he is interested; we just need the players, I’d be happy to bring my tv and X-box down if necessary.

This is pretty much how the Halifax crew started. We now average 20-30 players each Monday night for AE. Even just having a handful of guys playing some games with a TV during store hours is going to get you more than a few other interested people, so don’t worry too much about how many players you have at first, just get out there and play. Maybe put up a poster or something at the store advertising a weekly ranking battle or casuals. I can’t wait to make the trip from Halifax up to meet you guys sometime.

I talked to Dylan at Lightning Comics. He’s all for supporting tournaments, though as you mentioned he doesn’t have a TV or xbox. He mentioned that Wednesday and Friday nights were out since the space is otherwise occupied. (by Magic, I think). So I suggest we try and meet up on Thursday or Saturday this week for some casual games and meet people. From there we can maybe figure out what time can work for a regular game.

Now that’s assuming Gore Hose can Bring his TV. I can bring my xbox easily, but my TV is not as easily portable.

Best of luck with your budding scene, guys! :smiley:

ok. Sounds promising. I believe Saturday would be best but I am indifferent. Need to figure out best time for everyone. Also what games? Maybe a small tournament after? Too bad they do not have a tv. I am not too keen in bringing my own but will if there are no other options. Anyway, hope to hear everyone’s input.

Yeah, I hope someone has a TV that’s easily portable, since I wouldn’t be able to bring mine. Let’s plan for Saturday evening and keep the thread open. If no one can bring a TV, I have a monitor that could work. Not as fancy, but probably good just to get thing started.

Is AE and Marvel 3 ok for Saturday? As I would like to focus on them for the upcoming tournament on the 19th.

I’d certainly play either of those games. They seem to be the most popular right now.

Can anyone who is going confirm if they can bring a TV? I can definitely bring my xbox and games. If no one else can bring a TV I can bring a monitor, but I’d like to know before I leave.

I’m off Saturday and would love to get some gaming in, I don’t mind bringing my tv if anyone can give me a lift down from upper prince I can also bring my X-box!

Any chance of running me down Gamereye?

Yeah, I can pick you up. I will bring my xbox and games since it has AE. So what time exactly? I am good anytime.

Ok. So we got the tv, console and games. I am thinking 4pm start time if that works. Has anyone contacted Lightning Bolt Comics to reserve space for Saturday? Is everybody still game?