Seeking Daily Mentorship (on PSN)

I’m a novice to 3S; as a way to heat up for my Dark Souls stream, I’ve been streaming 3S single-player, daily, for about 2 weeks, from 8PM to 10PM EST. I’ve fallen in love with the game and I expect for it to occupy that timeslot for many more weeks, but I need to get away from the CPUs if I’m going to improve. There’s usually a couple of active rooms on PSN, but it’s a lot of waiting between matches (although watching has been pretty informative). I’m looking for long 1-on-1 sets, though, to get as much gameplay as possible.

Since I posted on 3rd Strike Junkies, I’ve been able to get some human matches for the first time, which is great, but what I’m really looking for is someone who’s in love with the game enough that they’re willing to whup my ass, consistently, on a regular basis. In other words, if you’re trying to get long sets, 5 days a week, and don’t mind beating good habits into a novice, I’m ‘vencabot’ on PSN, 8-10PM, Tue-Sat.

Get at me however!

just find a time people play and ask to join in and watch and get some games in.

continue seeking

these guys try to be assholes and push you away copy things from everywhere else and then when you come here shoo you away like some fight club fantasy. Don’t fall for it. Keep looking for mentorship. People like that should exist. Plain and simple.

oh yeah fuck I forgot I have a stick a ps4 and that much time. Let’s play! I’m going to go buy a ps now card.

Thanks, man. I’m not too worried about assholes; I’m sure there’s somebody out there who’s thirsty enough for matches that they’ll put up with me, or I wouldn’t have posted in the first place. :smiley: My hope is that somebody is enticed by the prospect of playing at regular times, 5 times a week. That’d be really cool for me, so maybe it’ll be really cool for someone else. In the meantime, I’ve been making more friends that play the game, so getting a ton of 1-on-1 sets with the same person isn’t AS important as it was, but it’s still my ideal (until I get a bit more competent; after all, you want to fight a large variety of players to get better).

I appreciate that! But do you think the game will play okay via PS Now? I’m ‘vencabot’ on PSN. I’ll sign in and see whose around for about an hour, but I’m definitely, 100% around between 8PM and 10PM EST, Tue-Sat, always trying to get matches in 3rd Strike!

cool cool. just got the card today and I’m logging on now or in a bit.