Secret Santa 2010 (Get Those Packages Out!)

Let’s do a Tech Talk secret Santa.

Here are my proposed rules. Discuss.

  1. $20 min $50 max recommended. More power to you if you are a baller. Just don’t be upset when you are paired with someone who isn’t.

  2. 2009 join date or 100 posts.

  3. No gift cards unless requested by recipient.

  4. Your package must include a hand-written card and something unexpected (cookies, small toy, magazine, whatever).

  5. You must possess a digital camera. If you cannot provide a picture of your purchase by X date you will be disqualified.

  6. Your package must be shipped by December 1st using a trackable method. USPS with delivery confirmation is sufficient (and cheap).

  7. International shipping is not required. If you are in the US I will pair you with US, Canada to Canada, UK to UK, etc. If you are willing to ship internationally please indicate it during sign-up. That way if we have a few odd people out we can take care of them.

To sign up take a picture of a piece of paper with your screen name and post the following:

Join Date:
Ship International:
Three Liked Items:

For example:

Username: Kyle
Location: TX, USA
Join Date: 2008
Ship International: If necessary, prefer US
Three Liked Items:

Classic Rock vinyl that isn’t 80’s glam. Beatles, Doors, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc.

Violent Femmes - Self-Titled. I would really like this on vinyl. More power to you if you can find it at Goodwill for a dollar. I don’t care as long as the condition is good. Amazon has a Rhino re-issue that is under $20.

Venetian Snares - My So-Called Life on vinyl.

SquidBillies Season 1 or 2. These both also run $20.

Mario/Nintendo merchandise. Plushes, toys, medium sized tees, etc.





Virginia, USA

South Windsor, CT

Georgia, USA

Raoul Duke
St,Louis, MO

Boise, ID


Upper Marlboro, MD, USA

Olympia, WA

Oceanside Ca

Oxford, MS

Anaheim, CA


Brooklyn, NY

Greenville, SC

Sacramento, California

Savannah, GA


Richmond VA

United States



Toronto , On

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto, Canada




Santiago, Chile

Kane Blueriver
Santiago, Chile

Pasig City, Philippines

Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico


baton rouge, la

Tennessee, USA

I’m definitely down for this. Where can I sign up?

What are the rules for overseas?

I can clap to this. I do feel for d3v though. International Slumber is going to be a hit by itself. I.S. plus a batch of cookies?

Let’s call this interest check for now. Once the proposed rules are agreed on I’ll get a list going.

Was thinking about this. How we ask in the sign-up if people are willing to ship internationally. Ideally we would have someone in the same or neighboring country willing to ship to you.

i would be down to participate and have no problems shipping internationally if it came down to it.

I’d be down for this. Will the gifts have to be tech related or anything goes like the GD secret santa?


Username: UNW4NT3D
Location: UK
Join Date: 08-30-2007
Ship International: I’d actually prefer to be paired with someone from USA since my most wanted item isn’t available in UK
Liked Items: 1. Cinnamon things especially toothpaste, big red gum and/or hot tamales 2. Hacked 360 pad/s with a wire from the vcc point ready for dual modding OR MC cthulhu with an RJ45 cable soldered 3. A CMoy pocket amp in an altoids tin (with a volume control) 4. Misc stick stuff.

edit 2:

I hope a photo with my name on the bottom of my stick is enough… It was some effort positioning it like that!

Doesn’t need to be tech related. Just general items. It may be better to go with things that can be purchased locally to cut back on shipping costs. I’m open to suggestions.

I’m down as long as I don’t get somebody international, since shipping kills me on that. D=

Is this US only? i would like to participate :slight_smile:

Doesn’t need to be. I updated the rules again and added a sign-up form.

  1. International shipping is not required. If you are in the US I will pair you with US, Canada to Canada, UK to UK, etc. If you are willing to ship internationally please indicate it during sign-up. That way if we have a few odd people out we can take care of them.

I’m up for secret santa
Username: PaperTigre
Location: Philly
Join Date: 2009
Ship International: Its a pain, but I’ve done it before lol (preference is no)
Three Liked Items: Open Barrel Crimping Tool (Nothing fancy… as long as it can do 22ish awg), Neo-Geo/SNK related goodies, Pikachu!

Also, please post a picture. I want to be sure people can be accountable. I don’t want any BS.

Username: Majinhurricane
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Join Date: 2010
Ship International: Yes. Can also pick up packages/ship within the USA.
Three Liked Items: I like geeky things, i’m kinda intrested in these japanese action figures because they have so much detail, and i like widgets. Also my astro city could use some stuff from

for my new astro city… like a new CP overlay, or vinyl’s for the side… or sf3 top panels.

Hopefully someone can vouch for me.

Imo: No max limit. But there should definitely be a minimum.

Sorry, I was in class :[ I’m home now though, let me get on that.

No problem. Not trying to be a nazi on this. My thought process was that the user could produce a picture of what they purchased for evidence. It seems like the other threads fall victim to people not receiving items. I’d like to at minimum have pictures of purchases and delivery confirmation. If anyone has other suggestions I’m all ears.

I’m down for changing this to be based on post count if it makes it less cruel. How about 2009 or 100 posts? Let me know what you guys think.

This is fun.

But I would have to pair with 2010 Member that I vouch for. :sad:
I understand though, because it is responsibility.
But then I would know who I’m with.

Nerrage, I have to stick with you?
Guy who is send cookies.

but jdm, my mom went to culinary school and was a baker for 15 years

I don’t mean I do not want cookies.
Those are cool.

I’m stuck with Nerrage.
I already talk to him everyday.
Need to end my relationship with him so I can get a new person.

Lucas, I’m sorry.
I’m going with Luca.
Name of PaperTigre is shorter.
I don’t feel like writing extra letter.