Secondary character for a ken player

What would be a good secondary character to switch to as a ken player? To cover his weaker matchups.

To be honest you don’t really need a secondary character. I would invest more time in the match ups you have trouble with than picking up a second character.

Try W Ultra out in certain match ups to get a better feel on which one works better. Sometimes that alone helps.

Ultra 2 is often reserved for fireball characters but I have seen Momochi use U2 on Balrog, Adon and Dudley. I use U2 on Dudley, Adon and Zangief

Ultra 2 is the better overall ultra. it is faster then ultra 1. it can be used in a reactionary situation to beat fireballs. You can link into from a jab or even with out a counter hit. You can combo into it for full hits for 2 bars while ultra 1 needs a counter hit dp to combo into full animation, so the average damage output for 2 bar fadc is higher with u2. It’s a far better OS option as well. You can still combo into u2 from a dp as well, mp dp fadc u2 and hp dp fadc u2 work, not as much damage but really good corner carry - similar to how balrogs headbutt into ultra doesn’t do much damage but gets corner carry

If you feel absolutely inclined to have a sub character try Seth. I think he destroys Guile and Rose

Or Yun