Seattle T-shirt orders - deadline is MONDAY 06/21/10

UPDATE: Due to costs we are only going to run 1 design for now.Ok the final images are done and we are ready to go with this. There are three color schemes to choose from:

Dark Blue T-Shirt/White,Teal and Green design (Seahawks colors) - Seattle on Seahawks shirt

Here is what the Shirt’s layout will look like (shout outs to Francis with the idea!)

Please post in here saying what size you would like, they will be on American Apparel shirts, the same as last years shirts.

Pricing we’ll know once we get a quote from the manufacturers.

Remember the deadline is MONDAY 06/21/10. If I haven’t heard from someone about ordering a specific color we will be going with the black T-shirts with the white design.

People requesting Shirts:
Frankdadank - 3XL
Mastermind - L Seahawks colors
Ghrrk - L Seahawks design
Messatsu Orochi - XL Seahawks design, S black and white
Mister K - M Seahawks colors, M white and black
Mikhail - S Black and White, S Seahawks design
JdotCdot - L Seahawks design
OriginalKdawg - 4xl Seahawks design, S Seahawks design
VagrantLest - M Seahawks design
JalapNo - M White and black, M Black and white
Imperator215 - L Seahawks design
Duggish - M Black and White 2xl seahawks design
Famous Nate - L Black and white, L Seahawks design
Awesome Jones - M White and Black, M Seahawks Design
Black Steve - 2xl black and white

Put me down for two. Gotta have a home and an away jersey. hahah

mastermind - L white/black, L Seahawks

I’d Like a large in Seahawks colors. A note to all, AA shirts tend to run kinda small (brand for scenesters/skinny people) so I’d advise ordering a size up.

xl in seahawks color, but i wanna see the designs.

designs are linked in op.

One in Seahawk colors, One in White, both Medium.

Can I get a seahawks and a white t-shirt black design version M size WITHOUT the skyline around the fireball motion. If not can I get the photoshop PSD files to make mine if that’s too much trouble.

Edit: No Way Duncan wears a M

Love the design - both the front and the clever barcode logo. No website on the back though? A simple “.com” addition to the end may suffice. I’ll take 2:

  • Black T-Shirt/White design
  • Dark Blue T-Shirt/White,Teal and Green design (Seahawks colors)

Both in small.

fuuuuucckkkk youuuu…I will b4 evo

That’s 20 days, Duncan haha.

Dark Blue T-Shirt/White,Teal and Green design - Large

Awesome designs, by the way. Great job!

4xl Long Tee Seahawks

why could’t we have a different input = (

If there is a long option change mine to medium/long

Medium in the Seahawks design please ^^

oh fae wants one, in black with white print. so size small.

Can I get 1 of the White Shirt/Black Print and one of the Black Shirt/White Print? <-- Both Mediums

That’d be tight.

No Sonics love?

That was last year.

L - Seahawks.

Yes, I’ve got matching shoes too!

M black with white design