Seattle May 7th: The Thai Terror! (MvC2, CvS2, 3S, T5)

Sorry, the results were in a bag that I kept forgetting about…

This was the first (only?) tourney we’ve had at the Woodinville LanWerx. We had them fix both Marvel machines, but as it was we just used the small 25" cab for the tourney and kept the 36" cab for casual. Kinda cramped - 3S backed into CvS2.

Issariya, visiting from Thailand, managed to swing by thanks to the kindness of Lance, which was probably the non-tourney tourney highlight. Great to see him again. :tup: Rattana whipped out Strider/Doom against JMar in the GF, and that was great to watch.

As it turns out, JMar and myself are the only peeps from Seattle heading out to ECCX. We’ll try to do you proud. :smile:

===Marvel=== 17 peeps

  1. JMar
  2. Rattana
  3. Issariya “Up” Havanadana!
  4. Evan WenSARS
  5. Ian “SHWOKEN!” T
  6. Mandel “Chocolate Rock”

===Tekken 5===

  1. Rob “ZigMover”
  2. Mandel “Chocolate Rock”

===CvS2=== 12 peeps

  1. John Michaels “Empire_Boy”
  2. Ian “SHWOKEN!” T
  3. King Takee
  4. Joe
  5. Chris “Red Bull” C
  6. Rattana

===3S=== 10 peeps

  1. John Michaels “LMAO”
  2. King Takee
  3. Ondrej “ShinShengLong”
  4. Mike “RGB”
  5. Josh “Effin’” A
  6. Joe

Are you gonna put up vids of those grand finals? I would love to see how Jmar played MSS against Strider/Doom :wow:.

Nobody filmed. I pretty much spent the entire tourney on MvC2 casual play so I could get some more practice in for ECCX. :smile: