Seattle 6/15 MvC2 and ST tournament results

Since Mandel is probably currently asleep, I’ll post the results from last night’s tournaments. Congrats to Julien Beasly, who has won his 4th straight ST tournament. It goes to show what living in Japan for a short period will do for your game.

MvC2 - 23 players

Jason “Hairymaster” Mar - 10 pts.
Rodolfo “Rowtron” Castro - 7 pts.
Evan “Rairu” Wenzel - 5 pts.
Kyle “kchow_xlr8” chow - 3 pts.
Lawrence “LawrencIUM” Nath- 1 pt.
Anonymous - 1 pt.

ST - 18 players
Julien “zass” Beasley - 10 pts.
Nate “XTG” Montes - 7 pts.
Mandel “Deezo” Scott - 5 pts.
Alex “umbrellastyle” Kelly - 3 pts.
Sam “Fatbear” Yatchmenoff - 1 pt.
Yohsuke “Otome=/=Yosuke” Iizuka - 1pt.

The top of current point standings are as follows:

Valentinus “Codyliciouz” Boentaran - 41 pts.
Rodolfo “Rowtron” Castro - 27 pts.
Mandel “Deezo” Scott - 23 pts.
Evan “Rairu” Wenzel - 22 pts.
Jason “hairymaster” Mar - 20 pts.

Julian “zass” Beasley - 40 pts.
Nate “XTG” Montes - 39 pts.
Mandel “Deezo” Scott - 12 pts.
3 others - 10 pts.

See the post featuring 6/15 results and annotations. Feel free to post your comments here, even if you’re not from the NW.

See first post in the Seattle league thread with current point standings and links to all tournament results thus far.

tape this shit already, you know we wanna see it

I don’t have a camera. I’m a broke Asian. Feel free to bombard XTG or Preppy with your requests, though I’d hate to see my scrubtacular matches published for all to see.

Just out of curiousity any of u guys from seattle coming to any evo events??

There has been much discussion, but most of us are not certain of our financial situations, or whether we could get time off of work. At present, XTG, Airthrow, Preppy, Rairu, Nolander, umbrellastyle, Bunkei, and a select few others have stated their plans to attend. Everyone else here is a definite maybe.

What did you do to get so much red rep? If you don’t mind my asking.

I was being stupid arguing with some guy ack and forth that’s what got me the red bars…i’m trying to be on the positive side now…I was just wondering cuz seattle did well last year at evo.they will make a diff at all times when they play mvc2 at tournies…it will be cool to see them shake up the scene again like they did last year…

The truth is, Seattle just started playing Marvel within the last 6 months after a hiatus of a few years. All of the arcades here shut down, except for the ghetto ones. And one of the guys responsible for developing our scene (Cody who finished top 8 at Evo 2002) got sucked into FF Online. A small contingent attended Evo last year simply as an excuse to gamble and get drunk. I don’t think any of them had actually played for more than a few minutes at a time for over a year when they attended last year.

MvC2 exploded in our scene when it came out because a lot of young players embraced it from the get go. But most of those guys are now in their 20’s, and have other interests in life. They’re now playing again, and they still whoop the likes of me.

Be optimistic though. Many of our top players such as Jmar and Row are gambling junkies. So another trip to Vegas will always appeal to them.

I know your top players still whoop ass the players who never stop playing which is nuts…we’ll like i said it will cool to see them do it again…peace

good shit shout outs to dipset!

I’m still kinda upset that I placed like 9th in Marvel and 3rd in ST.

I’m currently #3 in Seattle in two different games according to these rankings lol. WTF?

Don’t let his false modesty fool you. Deezo’ll fuck people up, in any game. He’s one of the most versatile players I’ve ever seen, able to take on any game.

5 years is not a short period! :china:

the cameraman is mad lazy. in theory this is at his house and he has two cameras, two tripods, 40+ hours of minidv tapes and still can’t be trusted to film stuff.

somebody oughta smack that guy.

but i’ll bear it in mind. i’m actually kind of starting to get caught up in life. i’ve generally been off playing marvel or poker myself instead of taping, but … i’ll try to make something happen.

props to nolan for those nice comebacks after megaman savaged his team. my cable sucks when i’m angry. well he normally is kind of weak, but my angry cable is even worse. nolan’s patience kills me every time. =)

nice man, thanks:china:

5 years is nothing in the grand scheme of things. 5 years is but a blink of an eye considering how old you are. Time speeds up as you age, so I’ve heard. So, at your advanced age, it must feel as though birthdays just come and go like nothing. Why, I bet it feels like you’re just about due for another one next week. You feel that way, don’t you, old man?

In case I don’t see you between then and now, happy birthday. I could only imagine what it feels like to be that old. Thankfully, I won’t have to deal with it for another. . . counts fingers SHIT!!!

Sorry you won’t be there to defend your ST standing If it’ll preserve your lead in the ST rankings, I’ll enter and eliminate XTG twice.

I’m usually only drawn towards violence towards women and children, but I’ll make an exception in this case.