[Seattle] 3rd Strike

If anyone wants to meet up for brews and 3rd strike send me a pm

ps I am down for this anytime

3s is pretty dead here. Like real dead.

That said, they have a cabinet at Another Castle video games in Edmonds, and our buddy Greg that works there is always down to play. I’m the best player we’ve got up here and I’d play some time too. Though Edmonds is a trek. Bring it to a tournament!

I’ve been playing 3s with a few cats at gameworks, and you’re right about Edmond being a trek. I’m not faithful enough to make a pilgrimage.

Oh yeah, I forgot they still have a cab. They fixed our KOF machine so we’re starting to attend more. I’m always down for some 3s. If you see people playing KOF (who know what they’re doing) ask if one of them is Mechanica and I’ll play. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t listen to him. I’m the best.

I’m the best…


Also the original poster should just play on GGPO

I started up again and be warned there’s a lot of douchebags. As soon as I figure out how to ignore…

I’m about to be on GGPO a lot more with this game. Now that I have it working perfectly (it’s GGPO, so it’s never truly perfect), I can play pretty much always.

i’m visiting seattle for two days next week. do people play here?

I got my name dropped, clearly im the best.