Season's Beatings II: Justin v Yipes v Sanford! WC/EC in Columbus, OH 11/3 - 11/4

Fugee + Ghaleon Productions*

Mission: Impossible returns!

We’re giving our Christmas present to the Midwest a little early this year, just in time for Halloween. Along with Mr. Wong and the usual suspects, expect world-class names to be in attendance, including EC vs. WC action right here in OHIO.

Date: Saturday, November 3, 2007

Location: MoMo KTV & Tea Zone (This place is SEEEEERIOUS!!!)
2895 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus, OH 43202
(614) 784-0888
– Also a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Season’s Beatings II: Battle of the Titans (FRONT)
Season’s Beatings II: Battle of the Titans (BACK)


Please respect the venue by not bringing any outside food or drinks inside. There is a full grill and beverage bar (and it’s goood) to satisfy your needs, including alcohol for those who are over 21.

Venue pics:

This is the same venue we hosted at in December and April – the tourney and the place were massive successes, and we’re making sure everyone has a great time again.

(Google maps yo):,+Columbus

Red Roof Inn: (614) 846-3001

Make sure you book under INN #310, IMMEDIATELY. Most hotels in the city are booked solid cos of OSU/Wisconsin – get these last rooms ASAP!

There are multiple restaurants and hotels all within walking distance from this place. Parking lot is huge so there will be no long walks or paying for meters.

There is a $10 entry fee for the venue.
All tournament games have a $10 entry fee, as well.
Registration begins at 11 a.m, doors open then for casuals.
Look for some added bonuses this time and some SPECIAL EVENTS throughout the day.

Capcom vs. SNK 2 (PS2) – 12:30 p.m.
Tekken 5 DR (PS3) – 12:30 p.m.
Guilty Gear X2 Accent Core (PS2) – 12:30 p.m.
Smash Bros. Melee (GC) --1 p.m.
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (DC) – 3 p.m. **$500 pot bonus.
SFIII: 3rd Strike (PS2) – 4:30 p.m.
Super SFII Turbo (DC) – 5:30 p.m.
Arcana Heart Full (Jap Ps2) – 6:00 p.m.

Halo 3 (360) – 1 p.m.
Guitar Hero II (PS2) – 1 p.m.**

Event #1: MvC2 – Justin Wong vs. Sanford Kelly vs. Mike Yipes!
—KOF-style, never seen before. FT7, winner stays on.

Event #2: ST – Brent “Vega” vs. Justin Wong FT7!
—After sending Justin to losers in back to back meetings, can Vega win a race to 7 in his self-proclaimed game?
To be continued in OHIO!

Payouts will be 70/20/10

Those of you who know me, know that we are strictly business. So there will be NO mishandling of funds, waiting on checks to clear, 3rd-party mishaps, low-turnout excuses, etc. You will leave with the MONEY you win!


All tournaments will be double-elimination format. 2/3, 3/5 winner’s/loser’s finals, 4/7 GF.
We’re using the Evo standard for all games.

This is a BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller/Converter/Joystick) event.

The following rules apply:

If the start button is hit or a malfunction with your equipment occurs, causing the game to pause or reset during a match within the first 5 secs, the match WILL be restarted. However if after ec point then your opponent will have the opportunity to take the 1st win or reset the match, advantage or not.

Button mapping is allowed. Having 2 or 3 buttons combined into ONE is banned
(e.g. No 3x punch/kick mapped to L1, etc.). GG/DR are exempt from this rule.

3S – Winner keeps the same character, but can change super art. Loser can change everything. JUDGEMENT CANNOT DECIDE A MATCH!!

MvC2 – No game-breaking glitches (you know what they are); Juggs’ glitch allowed. Winner keeps the SAME team/SAME order. Loser can change everything.

T5:DR – Players must agree on a stage. If not, random stage select will be in effect. Winner keeps same character, loser may change.

ST – no Akuma, Turbo 4

– Double Elimination bracket
– Matches are best of 3, semis and loser’s finals are best of 5, with grand finals best of 7
– 4 stock, 8-minute limit
– Ties broken by lives, then percentage
– Items OFF
– Singles $10/person/Teams $10/person (if time/interest allows. A well-run event should leave plenty of time, like our last tourney did)

– Stages limited to the 6 neutral stages for random, others open for counterpicks.
– Neutral stages: Battlefield, Final Destination, Yoshi’s Story, Fountain of Dreams, Dreamland 64, Pokemon Stadium.
– Stages banned: Yoshi’s Island, MKI, MKII, Venom, Big Blue, Flatzone, Icicle Mountain, Hyrule Temple, Fourside, Brinstar Depths, Termina, Onett and Yoshi’s Island 64
– Dave’s Stupid Rule: No stage may be used twice in a single match, either by random select or by picking
– Stage Strike: Each person strikes one stage for the entire set. This stage must be selected at the beginning of the match, after initial characters have been chosen.
– Advanced Slob Picks: Loser may choose the next stage or elect to go random, then winner may choose to change characters, then loser may change characters
– Double Blind pick may be called at any time

-Team Specific Rules:
– Team Attack ON
– Life stealing allowed
– Fountain of Dreams and Mute City banned

-Other SSBM Rules:

– Controller mods of ANY kind (short-hop mod, L-trigger mod, etc), excluding cosmetic changes (paint, stickers, different colored plastic, etc.), are BANNED. If you are found to be using a modded controller, you will not be able to use that controller for the rest of the tournament.
–Glitches used to stop your opponent from controlling their character or indefinitely freezing them (Mewtwo’s Soul Stunner, the Ice Climber freeze glitch), or any glitch that freezes the match or makes it in any way unfinishable, are banned. Using them will result in the immediate forfeiture of the match.
– Tactics such as Peach’s Wallbombing and Jiggly’s Rising Pound are allowed as methods of recovery or to maneuver around the stage. Using them (or any similar tactics such as dropping below levels intentionally and stalling underneath) to excessively stall a match is banned

Don’t miss a chance to test your mettle against the biggest names in fighting games.

Please pre-register your SRK name, city/st and games if you plan to attend, so brackets can be filled in advance. Registering the day of is allowed but not encouraged – don’t complain about where you fit into the bracket. If you’re traveling, give us the names of your crew and their games.

More info soon. Any questions, post here or PM fugee or Ghaleon (AIM: GhaleonUnlimited).

Please let us know if you can provide extra TVs/systems. With the huuuuge interest we’re going to again need the community’s help on providing systems/TVs. We’ll again provide all the space needed, with an even better setup this time.

Thanks to all for supporting our last two tournies, we’re starting to put Ohio on the fighter map. We look forward to seeing everyone again, and plenty of newcomers too. GET HYPE!

Aww crap Don’t let Wong take our money again people. Ktrigga and Arkayne and I will be up for MKT. We are bringing VS and SST.

Games: ST, MvC2

you already kno whats going to happen.

any MM?

You still want to buy the white Competition I have right? You guys better be serious about Trilogy, everyone always punks on gameday.

I want to see what that Pink Sean’s got again :rofl: 3/5 $20?

i only have one thing to say to mr.wong…???.. that is all for now:D
Name:chickenfat umahara "the feast"
location:“bus town” ohio

oh man , MKT? You know im in baby.
Ghaleon me and Ktrigga are always serious about trilogy, you play?

Ill be bringing along VS and SST… Any one up for some casuals?

Name: Arkayne
Location: Dayton,Ohio
Games: 3S , MKT, MvC2 (Maybe)

Delicious. I’m In. With a big grin on my face.

Name: TRKT
Location: Dayton, OH
Games: T5DR, MKT (PS version plz?)

I can chip in my copy of MKT if needed.

Yeah, MKT will be greatest hits PSX. I’m glad we have some takers already, we never get to bring that shit out.

MKT/HF will prob be $5, pay format will be decided will be by players (winner take all, 70/30, etc.)

Post too if you want VF5 – last time we didn’t have any interest, but I’ve had a couple questions on it already.

Justin, since im missin Evo: 3/5 for $10 in 3s? My Dud vs your Chun.

Name: Humbag (James)
Location: Champaign, IL
Games: 3s, GGAC for now

WOOO! this is gonna be fun:wgrin:

Name: Sparazza
Location: Dayton, Ohio
Games: T5DR

Roll da dice – MMs in 3s/Marvel/HF/MKT? I’m gonna get a mini Justin notebook to track – don’t flake or you get the megaphone!

Damn, Mortal Kombat Trilogy! I haven’t seen that shit played in ages!!!

If I had that game still, I’d be in, but I’ve been outta practice 4 awhile now in that, so I’m not gonna enter that.

I’ll be down 4 some Tekken DR as always. :tup:

I will do my best to come. It’s my birthday after all and I refuse to let Mr. JWong win at ST again…not on my special day!!! :mad:

name: immortal (Brent)
location: Decatur, IN
games: 3S, ST, & HF

Ghaleon, I’ll take a $10 MM in HF with you sir. 3/5 I assume?

I wish I could make it to this. Good luck and good times to everyone going.

I’ll make it out to this one way or another, I really enjoyed myself last time.

Name: Your Majesty (Clem)
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Games: 3S, ST

Humbag, would you like to do a money match in 3S? 3/5 for $10?

I’m in for VF5 Ghaleon.

…also I’m guessing you gonna want to make a DVD out of these. If I record some footage of some of the matches, would you want some type of trailer or something? I also video edit…

My crew doesn’t punk out we are down for Trilogy . Oh and I will get that stick up off of you Ghaleon. Are you still going to the tourney on 9/8? I’ll be there for it.

Speaking of dvd’s will you be selling the ones from last tournament?

Yeah, fugee is trying to get at his DVD friend, lol, he’s been sitting on that stuff forever. At least we need some footage to make a trailer for shopping around for sponsorship.

We will be recording stuff again, but I’m not sure who we’re getting to do it. $10, sure, but I hope you’re up for 3s too :slight_smile: I’m gonna have to come up some anti-pixie strats to stop Ms. Li’s cheeseattack, I don’t really know HF in-depth. I need my parries.

Keep the VF hits coming and we can add it.

is there still a bounty for putting justin in losers/out of tourney?
and please dont make me dust off my 1999 sheeva for mkt