Search People for Samurai Shodown

Hello Guys , i search People for the fighting Game Samurai Showdown. I don‘t have much friends for that Game and online there are Zero People , only a few. So i Hope u all join fight !

My psn Name : Marcello Tschawo

Sry for my english…

where are you from? I’d play games if you’re in NA, or more specifically the Midwest

I am from Germany !

I play 5 Special more than 7 but I’d be down to play sometime. I’m in the Midwest and usually get pretty good connections to Europe. Add me on PSN: TheDoctaMario

Btw @kingtubb I’d be up for playing you sometime too. Where are you located?

Central Ohio. PSN: King_Tubb_

Do you play 5 Special ever or mainly 7?

  1. I like Vsp more but I have it on switch. I heard the PS4 version has rollback? Is that right?

Yeah the netcode on the PS4 version is some kind of witchcraft it’s so good. I’m more likely to be able to play some 5Sp since I’m not always around my PS4 but I’m down to play 7 sometimes too. I need to dig in to Basara a bit more.

I added you on PSN.