Sean Tackle.

Is there any way to incorporate the Sean tackle into his game at all? Since the ball does not do an overhead hit anymore, the tackle has become very hard to use in a safe way.

Yes, you use it occasionally to cancel normals and continue poking. Don’t try to hit with it. Normal people cannot hit with the tackle with any consistency.

Best example is close s.roundhouse -> jab tackle (cancel) -> throw, another s.roundhouse, d.short x 2 for hit confirm into super, etc. I plan to test some other things I’m not sure of tomorrow night. But yes, jab tackle is fine, fierce tackle is also good after his b+throw to close in. Just don’t hold the button unless you want to get hurt very badly.

No, dont use it to hit. Use the EX version to get close, scare your opponent, then grab.

Only works late game.

Only works if your sean is pink.


Lol i dunno why but that’s hilarious.

woudln’t a decent mix up be on wake up:

lp sean tackle

vary on

doing the sean tackle



just do it earlier or later depending on what you want to do.

(like sean tackle needs to be done later since you dont’ want to whiff it due to invincilbility frames)

actually doing a sean tackle is the only real risky move

:karate: :karate: sean has a mean rushdown… :karate: :karate: not alot of people know this but a jap won a tourney with him… lol it was years ago

ex tackle can be used like ibuki’s ex rush low attack… it can be used effectively

shoto cannon is best anti air in the game… because u have to mash on the punch for multi hits u so u can mess with the timing…plus it 2nd to best priority to shinsho…has 2 bars and can combo 2 plus supers in the corner for mad damage…

hado is his best overall super… 3 bars the size of yuns sa3 bar so ex moves and a good damaging super for the bar size…

saIII can be linked from close st.rh… and it goes underfireballs and can be used if fighting another shoto and they do a cr.rh and u block it, it will catch em and do good damage…only has one long bar though bleh he was better in 2nd impact