Sean P

So I know Sean sucks, yeah…but I heard there was some guy who was actually pretty good with Sean. I personally like to see stuff like this. I heard the guy goes by Sean P, so if there are any videos of this guy (or any videos of decentSean players at all), I’d totally like to see them. If not…well, fuck it I guess.

Thanks in advance.

there was a 3s hong kong tourney video that was posted in the 3s forums. If youre lucky it still might be there. Im not 100% sure if was hong kong but it was some asian country. There was a sean in there that was beasting for a while i think.

My friend Sean is Hong Kong player and he has some videos of him playing against Perry, who was the Sean player in the HK 3v3 team tournament (the red Sean who uses Hadou Burst). To check 'em out, go to my FileFront page, and go to the “Hong Kong Videos” directory. All the matches have “Perry” in their title, e.g. “me vs Perry.”

This is the link:

His Sean is quite good, he does just about everything possible with Sean, but as you will see, Sean is bottom tier for a reason.

Maybe you got it wrong but… Sean P is a rapper :wink: He IS really good though

There is a Japanese player named Sean P who plays sean, I have a few of his videos.

Golden Gunman, I couldn’t get the vids :confused: That site is crazy, it never let me start the download :confused:

Eric J, do you think you could upload a few of those videos with Sean P, or any other ones you have? If you have those Hong Kong videos, I’d love to check those out too.