SE to New Case

Hey folks,

I have an SE modded with Sanwa parts. I’d really like to upgrade to a TE or something similar, but I’m stopped by the cost of the sticks and they’re difficult to find at any discount (or at all, really). I was thinking of buying one of Art’s acrylic cases and moving my SE “guts” over to it. I figured it’d be easy then to add a TEasy or whatever. Does this make sense or should I suck it up and wait around until I can get a TE? I don’t really NEED to have multiple sticks.

Most acrylic cases including Art’s Tek cases are somewhat fragile compared to other options, note the type B case has a reinforcing layer added, not that Tek cases are bad, they allow many customization options. There also people who sell DIY wood cases but they run a bit more than tek cases do.

You obviously been a member long enough to, but when you get 50 legit post you can try out the trading board to see if someone happens to have a empty TE shell. Other than that getting a junk TE or empty TE shell is unlikely. You could try eBay for non-working TEs and transplant your parts over.

he doesn’t need 50 posts to buy, you only need 50 posts to sell.

Intriguing. Are the PCB’s of a TE and an SE the same, the only difference being a case? If though, that’s significantly cheaper/easier than doing an acrylic case. I had figured on actually doing an acrylic case with a PS360 board as this was going to be too difficult to move over.

Are there tutorials for moving from an SE to a TE box?

EDIT: And I can’t post in the trading post. There aren’t any empty TE boxes floating around the first few pages of the trading outlet. Looks like I need to get posting.

There pretty close to the same, not exactly the same.

The TE uses 24mm Sanwa buttons for start and select while the SE uses contact pads.

It’s as easy as cutting the wire going to the start and select and crimping on quick disconnects or just swapping them out for a whole new wire/quick disconnect itself though.

pzlate, I only took the PCB into consideration since its the main guts of the stick, and should fit the same dimensions if not the same pin out, since the stock SE buttons are garbage any ways.

Jif, I think you be better off with existing DIY case like a Art’s Tek caseor Foe Hammer case, get some reasonable Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons. I think you can use the same joystick, but I am unsure if you need another mounting plate which would be aprox $5 (price rounded up to the nearest whole dollar).

And now I suggest that you read even more of that Post.

Jif can Buy, not Sell.

Trading Outlet won’t let Member create a Thread if less than Fifty Posts though.
But a Member can buy item from a Seller’s already existing Thread.
So Jif can use Trading Outlet, even less than Fifty Posts.
He just won’t be able to make a Thread.

Okay that clears it up. I understood it as you can’t buy or sell at all since you can’t make a new thread. My fault.
So with out all the requirements, you can still respond to a sale from a member who can post legit on that board.

That is right.

Jif should not spam to get his Fifty Posts to make a Thread though.
I reported a guy two weeks ago and got him Infracted and closed.

I have a feeling that empty TE’s may be tough to come by, especially before I can post in the trading post.

I’ve already upgraded my SE with all Sanwa parts, so as long as that moves over I should be good to go. Would all I need to do an acrylic case some 24mm buttons to replace the back/start/home?

I read around that the early MC PCB’s aren’t super well thought of. The PS360 is rather cheap. The goal, eventually, is a dual-system stick with more heft to it. Would it make sense to transplant the PCB from the SE, or just grab a PS360 and skip having to to a Chimp, since the price difference is only $10 and I’m ending up with a “more reliable” PCB? At that point, I may just rebuy Sanwa parts and build a second stick, as the cost won’t be that different by the end of it.

If I do an acrylic case, are the holes made for Sanwa pop-ins or screw-ins?

And JDM, I’d never spam for my 50 posts. That’s just bad form all around. No sense in screwing with a community if you’re just trying to take advantage of a B&S forum. If I don’t hit my 50 posts naturally, that just means I’ll need to keep an eye out on the page.

Just get a TE or an HRAP. Scour the Trading Outlet here, Craigslist, and look out for deals elsewhere online and you’ll find one for $80-100. If you need to sell your SE on Ebay or something to help offset the cost.

TE’s seems to be backordered everywhere and few are available here. The price of them also seems to be rather high, I’m seeing used ones nudging $100. That seems odd, is that likely just the MVC3 rush?