SE fightstick and sitting flush Sanwa OSBF-30s?

I just modded out my SE with OSBF-30 Sanwa parts…Im wondering…how do you get them to sit fully flush on top…I noticed some of my buttons are completely down…but there is a paper thick gap all around…and I cant get em in…is there a secret to this?

I had this problem too and i seemed to sort it just by really pressing down on them until they were fully in. Quite a lot of force is needed.

I was careful to only push down on the bezel part of the button so as not to damage it. It kind of made a slight click noise as it went in that last 1/2 mm.

In fact when i read your post i went and checked mine and there were two buttons still with a slight gap and i’ve simply just pushed them in.

I used a stanley knife to remove a little part of the four edges of the buttons.
If you remove a button you will see these edges are being stripped down by the metal plate.
If you are unlucky the stripped plastic will go under the graphic of the top plate and bubbles will appear around the buttons.