SE fight stick squeaky?

Before i begin, I am going to warn you all that i am a complete stick noob. And this is my first stick.


I just picked up a SE fight stick from my local store, and for some reason when i move the joystick in most directions it makes a squeaking noise, kind of like if you were to rub an outside of a water balloon if that makes sense. Its brand new so i dont think it should be making this noise…

I have read this could be a lube problem, but the thing is im not sure where im exactly supposed to spray the lube >< ( i know i know im an idiot) can i spray it from the top? i want to make it stop squeaking without opening it up and voiding the warrenty on this sucker.

Or maybe the sound is the washer problem? i honestly have no clue

Any help would be great.

thank you!

Could be the washer problem.

…Void that warranty.

mod that bad boy , did my today and it’s a night and day difference

well i dont really have any parts to mod it with… or did you mean to do the washer fix??

No, I meant adding some sanwa in there, very much worth the upgrade.

i eventually do plan to upgrade the parts when places arnt so backordered and i get more money. I want the stock parts to at least last as long as possible. which is why im concerned with this sound, im thinking if i catch it early the joystick wont tear the pcb board to bits.

Squeaky is normal. The stick is trash, you can’t expect much.

The squeaking is coming from the switches, not the washer, you can lube the inside of the switches if you wish.

Alright man, I’ll just make this simple.

$50-$60 for an all new Sanwa JLF Joystick and 8 Sanwa OBSF-30’s shipped to you or…

Buy some super glue to glue down the washer. Hopefully that will fix whatever was squeaking and also avoid scratching the joystick’s PCB. You can also snip and remove the washer out of the joystick because sometimes the glue won’t stick long enough when you’re playing. So whatever glue you get, make sure you get the good stuff.

I have an SE fight stick modded with new buttons and a joystick of course, but honestly the fight stick with a glued down washer is just as good (sort of).

Switches click, not squeak. At least mine did.

if the washer is whats rubbing would that make a squeaking noise though? most descriptions i hear is a grinding noise.

I dunno, but something’s not right.

i got the same problem

but i have ordered one of those sanwa sticks so screw patching this thing up.

i’m still mad that i paid $80 for nonworking product. 3-5 buttons malfunction half the time right out of the box.

so i did open it up, and it wasnt the pcb that was squeaking it was those little red buttons that it presses. Can i shoot some silicone spray on those?? or is that bad?

But on another note since it was apart i checked the washer and it was loose didnt scratch the PCB yet tho thank goodness

Agreed, switches click – or atleast they should. Like I said, this stick is trash, you shouldn’t expect normal results from it. I’m pressing on my leftover madcatz switches right now and they are squeaking while the pcb flexes madly.

The combination of the bad spring with the switches/cheap PCB cause massive amounts of squeak. This can lead to the stick not moving correctly (mine for instance could be pushed far left, stop, and then push in 1mm further before it stopped everytime).

Metal on Sand (Your PCB) does not cause a squeaking noise due to the difference in mass causing friction damage. This would be a grinding noise along with a rough feel to the stick. If you have to ask if it’s defective, most likely it isn’t and you’re being paranoid; it would be that obvious.

Edit: Well there ya go I guess, i didn’t see the above post.

Soooo would it be a bad idea to spray the switch things on the pcb with silicone spray to get rid of this squeaking noise? it seems to be getting louder

I have a JLF in mine and it squeaks, only the left side squeaks.

If you want to properly lubricate the pivot and shaft of the stick, a silicone spray is not the right kind of lube. I am not saying it will hurt, but the effects are not going to be as long lasting as the heavier silicone grease Sanwa uses in their stick. You can buy a small container something very similar at Home Depot/Lowes for $2.50 in the plumbing department (it’s called Danco Silicone Grease). In order to really get the lube in the pivot, you would need to take the stick apart. It’s actually quite easy except for that damn E-Clip. It’s also a good idea to do this to really glue that washer in place. My SE stock stick feels 100% better after being properly lubed and put back together. As to squeaky microswitches, you can carefully pry them open and take a look to see why they squeak before closing them up. I don’t believe they are supposed to have any grease or other lubrication inside them though.

ya it wasnt the pivot part that needed lube i completely disassembled my joystick last night and cut my finger trying to the get the eclip out. But its those damn switches that squeak when they are slowly pressed in

i got a sanwa joystick and it squeaks…

i got some multi purpose grease today
says its lithium 2 ep.

hope it gets rid of the squeak. ><

its still squeaking like a biarch !!!

i guess i must do it “inside” the switches…

But the thing is… my joystick is the one that came with the Madcatz TE stick… (with the omron switches) and you cant seem to open the switches to put the lube in ???