SD Comic Con TE sticks...where's the hadouken arrow dust washers?

I’m hoping MarkMan can chime in here and verify whether or not Madcatz shipped the sticks with the arrowed washers in the boxes because all reports from the Ebayers say that they didn’t come with them and that nobody else got them. I’ve asked 3 Ebayers and am waiting on more responses. I also am asking Capcom via their website to see if I can get Sven or Seth to give an answer. Why was this washer so heavily featured on online blogs (it was the secret picture Seth posted!) but not make it into boxes at Comic Con?

Directly from Capcom’s Blog at

Read the part that specifically reads the following:

“The Comic-con Edition SFIV Sticks use all of the same Sanwa Denshi sticks and buttons of the original SFIV tournament edition fight sticks. In addition to the new color scheme of buttons, side edges and the new artwork for the deck, there?s some other nice attention to detail like the Hadouken arrow movement dust cover for the stick shaft, etc.

It then shows a picture of the washer up close which was that secret pic Seth used a while ago. Somebody should explain…

These sticks are becoming less of a limited edition and something that can be more easily replicated by the hour…

UPDATE: MarkMan confirmed over at NeoGaf that the hadouken arrow dust washer was just a prototype.

Me and my friend each picked up a stick. No arrow washer on the XBOX 360 version.

Maybe it was an assembly mistake. Who knows. I’m sure we will hear an explanation later. Hey maybe Mad Catz will ship out the washer to those who bought the stick.

I was worried that people would think i pulled the stick apart just to keep the washer (selling sticks on ebay). Maybe they rushed the sticks and just made a huge fuck up. MadCatz better send out some washers for people who bought the sticks.

But it’s just a fucking dust washer.

Markman told me he bought one but didn’t mention the dust cover mixup. Maybe he hadn’t opened it yet? I hadn’t opened mine at that time so I couldn’t point out the problem to him. I’m sure there are good instructions out there for replacing a dust cover if Madcatz were to send out the correct one, but I’m still worried I might nick up the $$$tick doing the work.

What amazes me is that the dust cover was the very first pic Capcom let fly on the net of these sticks. This was done intentionally to start generating hype for the new stick that was to have a few new features not found in the original. So, yea, it’s just a fucking dust washer but definitely another potential fuck up with another stick release by MadCatz. Hey, maybe they’re the new washers used in the old SE sticks to keep it from grinding away at the PCB, LOL. Kidding of course…:cool:

Its not that, they teased it in the photos???

My point exactly…


I asked MarkMan over on NeoGaf and here’s his response (down near the bottom):

“It must have been mis-communication on my part. That was just a prototype.”

No cool dust washer guys. Start ordering from arthong. I don’t blame MarkMan, I think Seth at Capcom shouldn’t have posted a premature pic of the washer to get everybody hyped up. I really think retail of this stick should be back at $150. It’s limited status can fetch the Ebayers more than that but retail needs to be the same as the original TE. The box isn’t as nice as the originals and now the only difference besides the boxes and the numbered sticker can be reproduced with ease.


The hado arrow dust washers are sold by Art for those of you that want them… haha i love how Madcatz has a prototype feature that everyone loves, doesn’t put it out, but some fine SRK member has a solution. GO ART!!! haha

WHy would they tease the arrow washers and not put them on the stick???

Apparently to hype it up and “miscommunication”. Sucks because they were really cool and arthong’s aren’t quite like the one pictured.

Maybe that is why arthong selling his Custom Arrow Dust Discs.
Because before putting them out for selling, he did ask for permission if he could. (After he had made them.)

We may have a conflicting update. One of the SRK user’s friend’s says he purchased a stick at Comic Con WITH hadouken arrows on the washer. If he produces a picture I’m gonna be pissed at Capcom and MadCatz.

Yes, I read that too.
That guy will try to take picture.
There better NOT be an Arrow Dust Disc in that box.

Well, with answers from MarkMan and now Seth Killian over at Capcom Unity:
and the one user who’s friend didn’t end up having an arrow dust washer we now know for sure. There doesn’t seem to be a single hadouken dust washer in existence except the one used for the now infamous picture. More than likely MarkMan has it in his collection but we’ll never see one. Really disappointed in both Capcom and Madcatz on this one since the right hand really doesn’t know what the left is doing when it comes to marketing and selling these TE sticks. The last straw is that Seth mentions prototypes that he has if you hit the link which leads me to believe there were plenty more sticks made than the 500 claimed to hype up the demand for these. This would make sense given all the pics of the sticks at EVO and Comic Con MvC2 booths. This all can be summed up as…bullshit.

They way I had believe from the start about the Five Hundred made is true.
Five Hundred made in the World to sell to customers.

Whatever played at Comic-Con and Evolution does not count towards.
Those would not be Numbered and are just for Demonstration.

I just read MarkMan on the other Thread too.
I wouldn’t be surprised if he got his hands on the Arrow Dust Disc.

MarkMan probably has one of these to spite you personally. /sarcasm

I just got my Comic Con TE stick today and was so disappointed to not see the hadouken arrow dust cover. I first assumed I got robbed by the eBay seller but immediately started searching and found this thread pretty quickly.

Does it look as good as the supposed “prototype”?

I love arthong’s stuff but unfortunately it’s not. Click on the link for his store and you’ll find it under dust washers I think.