Screw uppa - The "I messed up my screws/bolts" thread

So I have a habit of opening and reopening sticks, either because I forget a piece, or something feels off, or because I’m dumb. Further driving this last point home, I tend to strip, break, or just mutilate a ton of screws in the process. Every time I try to find a replacement at a hardware store, its always something a little off, or different instead of a direct copy.

So I’m hoping this topic can be a resource or compendium for places and screw types that are close if not perfect replacements for retail arcade sticks. I searched but If its a dupe or useless topic please close.

Sticks I’m missing screws for:

-one of the top 6 bolts. got a replacement from Orchard Supply Hardware measured at 7X12mm but they don’t make “flat” bolts, just machine screws

  • one of the bottom 6 screws

-the four screws that hold the stick (in this case a seimitsu LS-32) onto the case

MadCatz SE Fightstick
-missing all the bottom screws
-one of the bottom eight screws

MadCatz TEs
-one of the top 6 bolts

I would love to know where to get replacement carriage bolts for my HRAPs. I need like a million.

Carriage bolts, oh ok didnt know that’s what they were called. I have a Tekken anniversary HRAP that I might cannibalize for parts, and I can send you 4 (I need 2 heh).

For the TE top panel, I bought some TE bolts from Toodles the last time I needed some PCB stuff:

4th row, last column. He even has colour options. It seems impossible to get them in white though, which is what I really wanted…

This might not to apply to your particular problem, but to anybody who owns the Hori Fighting Stick V3/VX (Not the HRAP) and is missing the screws for the bottom plate, the screws that are used on the mounting plate of the Sanwa JLF work fine.

I think they sell a pack of four on

TE Bolts are m4x12mm
HRAP bolts are m4x16mm or [FONT=arial]8/32 sizes
SE bottom panel screws are #4 x 1/2"[/FONT]
To mount the stick I think they are M4 .5mm, M4 x 9mm Screws, or shorter

oh wow, thanks bartstation!

For R1 TE -

  • Terminal strip screw
  • Home/Guide panel

I’ve brought both to OSH and they said they don’t have anything.

One of my TE screws acts weird, but I’m not sure if I stripped the screw or messed up the hole.

nut fell out, har har. seriously though.

There’s a nut? I figured I stripped the top of the screw since I have to pull on the screw while I twist it out.

Yeah, TE’s dont screw directly into the plastic case. Theres a nut that the hex bolt screws into.

I’ve got a Q re: my MadCatz Brawlstick:
I lost one of the two screws that holds the Guide/Turbo buttons part in place. Does anyone know what size they are? Is it the kind of thing I can find at the local hardware store?

Forgot to post this before - for what it’s worth, I was able to use…
#2 x 3/8" screws for the terminal strip screw
#2 x 1/4" for the Home/Guide/Turbo panel.

I used wood screws because the other ones I found with the same specifications looked funky o_o. Go figure - they seem to work fine!

Would I be able to find the #4 x 1/2" screws I need for the SE fightstick in a hardware store or is there a website I can go to that sells them as well?
Also I ended up stripping 2 of the 4 screws where the non slip grips are on my TE, So I ended up taking them all out. Are these the bolts your talking about?

Those bigger screws, I wouldnt know. I thought they are attatched to the bottom panel already. I think they are nuts and bolts right? I say just bring them in the store.

First of all I want to say thanks for mentioning the bottom SE screws, my friend has an SE with these and other screws missing after taking it apart.

The other missing screws are those 4 screws that hold the stick in the mount. Bartstation mentioned “M4 .5mm, M4 x 9mm Screws, or shorter” for the VSHG’s stick, will these work for a SE stick too?

Depends on the mounting plate, I believe, you can try.

Could use some clarification on the specifications of the flat-head screws needed for the bottom panel of the Madcatz TE. I wasn’t able to find a match at the local hardware stores, and while I acknowledge that they are for sale over at LLC’s site, I’d rather avoid that particular hassle over one dollar worth of product.

I highly suggest for all modders in the future to get ether zip lock bags or small plastic storage bins with a snap shut lid to hold screws and other odds and ends. You less likely lose screws and small parts this way.