Screw in Vs Snap in

Ive been starting to notice that the ‘hooks’ of my sanwa buttons get a little pushed in after a while due to repeatedly removing and inserting (:wtf:) them. Is this something to worry about where those tabs might break off completely? And since i’ve herd the last screw in button on a SE requires some modification, if i choose to go with 6 screw ins and 2 snap ins will i notice a difference between the two when im playing? It sounds like the screw ins wil last a lot longer.

No difference between the quality of screws vs snaps. Like you said, there is not much you can do when it comes to the bottom left button in terms of screw ins as it gets in the way. Only seimitsu nuts inserted in with the button twisted in from above will work in terms of screw in buttons. Those tab on the snap ins do break but only if you apply excessive force. I can see the tabs being weak and doing that after a lot of pushing in and out of the buttons though.

It’s nothing to worry about.

Use some plumber’s (Teflon) tape if your buttons feel like they’re loose in the socket.

The “modification” is as simple as getting a Seimitsu 30mm nut. This is because Vewlix layout is stupid.

There is no difference in playing.
They use the same microswitches.

Kikimaru is right, there no difference in Snap-in and screw-in for playing a game on push buttons.

As for mounting buttons, Snap-in is designed for thin panels such as plastic or metal while screw in buttons can be inserted into thicker material for the top panel or even thinner wood panels (1/2" or 3/8" for example) for Seimitsu and Sanwa Screw-In, Thick and were talking 1 1/2" to almost 2" are the domain of Happ and IL buttons.

So, LizardLick is currently out of stock of the sanwa black/red buttons if i get 6 screw in seimitsu buttons will i notice a difference between those and a sanwa snap ins? or will i feel a difference between seimitsu snap and screw ins? im just paranoid about buying stuff and not liking the feel.

EDIT: And are the sanwa dark blue/black buttons really dark blue, because they look purple to me on the site…

seimitsu buttons are a little stiffer, but not much. You will not be hindered by it at all. All buttons by whatever company use the same springs so no difference there.

I use screw-ins because they’re easier to maintain. After so much use, snap-ins need to have the tabs pushed outward by removing the top of the button, then pushing the tabs out from the inside. Pretty annoying after a while…

Dark Blue is more like an Indigo iirc.