Scratched Mouse Port

Someone was messing with my PC and got the cord for my mouse loose and the port of it was kind of messed up, you can see scratches all on it and I’ve always had trouble putting the mouse back in. After fumbling with it for some time I managed to get it back in, but it’s still not working even after i restarted the computer.

I still have my older computer which is about 5 years old. Is it possible I could exchange that port to that computer. I didn’t want to mess with anything and make things worse. Thanks in advance.

Sounds like you’re still using a PS/2 mouse. You can either buy a PS/2 to USB adapter if you want to keep using that mouse, or buy a USB mouse so you don’t have to use that PS/2 mouse port.

Alright thanks. Was just hoping that I didn’t have to spend money.

I pick up nice USB mice at Goodwill for $3. The PS2 mice are usually 50 cents or a dollar. : )